What is locoweed?

  • (noun): Any of several leguminous plants of western North America causing locoism in livestock.
    Synonyms: crazyweed, crazy weed
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Locoweed (also crazyweed and loco) is a common name in North America for any plant that produces swainsonine, a phytotoxin harmful to livestock. Worldwide, swainsonine is produced by a small number of species, most in three genera of the flowering plant family Fabaceae: Oxytropis and Astragalus in North America, and Swainsona in Australia. The term locoweed usually refers only to the North American species of Oxytropis and Astragalus, but this article includes the other species as well.

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Astragalus - Selected Species
... Astragalus alopecuroides Astragalus alpinus – alpine milkvetch, mountain locoweed Astragalus amphioxys – crescent milkvetch Astragalus ampullarioides – Shivwits ... clevelandii – Cleveland's milkvetch Astragalus coccineus – scarlet milkvetch, scarlet locoweed Astragalus congdonii – Congdon's milkvetch Astragalus crassicarpus (caryocarpus) – ground plum, buffalo plum ... Diablo milkvetch, Diablo locoweed Astragalus pachypus – thickpod milkvetch Astragalus panamintensis – panamint milkvetch Astragalus pauperculus – depauperate milkvetch Astragalus ...
Locoweed - Prevention
... Keeping livestock away from locoweed infested pasture in spring and fall when grass and other forbs not actively growing is recommended ... These remedies take into account livestock preference for locoweed during seasons when grass is dry and not very nutritious ... How to Reduce Losses Restrict access to locoweed during critical periods when the plant is more palatable than associated forages ...
List Of Canadian Plants By Family F - Fabaceae
... crazyweed Oxytropis besseyi — Bessey's locoweed Oxytropis borealis — boreal locoweed Oxytropis campestris — northern yellow pointvetch Oxytropis deflexa — pendant-pod pointvetch Oxytropis ...
... It is one of two genera of plants known as locoweeds, and are notorious for being toxic to grazing animals ... The other locoweed genus is the closely related Astragalus ... Selected species Oxytropis arctica – Arctic locoweed Oxytropis bella Oxytropis borealis – boreal locoweed Oxytropis campestris – field locoweed ...

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