What is Libra?

  • (noun): (astrology) a person who is born while the sun in in Libra.
    Synonyms: Balance
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List Of Big Brother 10 (U.S.) House Guests - Michelle
... She won the HoH competition for Week 5 and nominated Keesha and Libra in revenge for them rallying to get rid of Jessie ... However, Michelle told Keesha that Libra was her main target because Michelle had a strong dislike for Libra and wanted to get rid of her more than Keesha ... Keesha agreed with Michelle and said that she did not like Libra either ...
Currency Of Colombia - 1905–1914 Peso Oro (gold Standard) - Coin
... Gold 916 fine ■ half libra (P.2·50), 3·994 g (0·018 million 1913) ■ libra (P.5), 7·988 g (0·017 million 1913, 0·043 million 1917, 0·423 million 1918, 2·181 million 1919) ■ double libra (P.10), 15·976 g ...
List Of Big Brother 10 (U.S.) House Guests - Keesha
... game, Keesha found herself aligned with Libra and April, despite both her and April verbally expressing their dislike of each other ... Keesha also had an odd relationship with Libra because Keesha constantly talked bad about Libra behind her back and even made up lies about Libra to Renny and Jerry so they would verbally attack ... On several occasions, Keesha wanted Libra to be evicted and even when Keesha won HOH she almost nominated Libra ...
List Of Big Brother 10 (U.S.) House Guests - Libra
... Libra Thompson (born August 6, 1976) is a human resources representative ... In the house, Libra became known for her strong strategic play which saw her pivotal in the evictions of the first four houseguests ... Libra became the first member of the jury, and voted for Dan to win Big Brother 10 ...
Libra - Other
... Libra (astrology), an astrological sign based on the star constellation Libra (Chinese astronomy) Libra (skipper), a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae Libra oil field, a giant ...

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  • (noun): A small faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere; between Virgo and Scorpius.