What is Lee?

  • (noun): American general who led the Confederate armies in the American Civil War (1807-1870).
    Synonyms: Robert E. Lee, Robert Edward Lee
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USS Willis A. Lee (DL-4)
... Ching” Lee Builder Bethlehem Steel, Fore River Shipyard Laid down 1 November 1949 Launched 26 January 1952 Commissioned 5 October 1954 Decommissioned 19 ... Lee (DD-929) was a Mitscher-class destroyer in the United States Navy ... “Ching” Lee USN (1888–1945) ...
Lee, Illinois - Demographics
... There were 118 households out of which 37.3% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 53.4% were married couples living together, 9.3% had a female householder with no husband present, and 33.9% were non-families. 29.7% of all households were made up of individuals and 11.0% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older ...
Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery - L
... film producer, author, minister Anna Lee (1913–2004), actress, was cremated ashes scattered at sea has a memorial in the garden Joanna Lee (1931-2003), actress Peggy Lee (1920–2002), singer, songwriter ...
George Pickett - Postbellum Life
... Stuart but had no direct interaction with Lee to draw from, claimed an interaction he observed between Lee and Pickett was cold and reserved ... Others present who knew General Lee well refuted this, stating Lee acted in his usual reserved, gentlemanly fashion ...
Yoduk Story - Cast
... Kang Ryun-Hwa - Yunjung Choi Lee Myung-Soo - Jaechong Lim Ra Hyuk-Chul - Junkyum Kim Lee Tae-Sik - Wankyu Park Kang Man-Sik - Sundong Kim Crazy Woman - Changkyung Lee Lee Yoduk ...

More definitions of "Lee":

  • (noun): United States filmmaker whose works explore the richness of Black culture in America (born in 1957).
    Synonyms: Spike Lee, Shelton Jackson Lee
  • (noun): Leader of the American Revolution who proposed the resolution calling for independence of the American colonies (1732-1794).
    Synonyms: Richard Henry Lee
  • (noun): United States physicist (born in China) who collaborated with Yang Chen Ning in disproving the principle of conservation of parity (born in 1926).
    Synonyms: Tsung Dao Lee
  • (noun): United States actor who was an expert in kung fu and starred in martial arts films (1941-1973).
    Synonyms: Bruce Lee, Lee Yuen Kam
  • (noun): The side of something that is sheltered from the wind.
    Synonyms: lee side, leeward
  • (adj): Towards the side away from the wind.
    Synonyms: downwind

Famous quotes containing the word lee:

    Woodlands, meadows,streams and rivers—
    Blind to all of it all my life long.
    Triolets, villanelles, rondels, rondeaus,
    Seeds in a dry pod, tick, tick, tick,
    —Edgar Lee Masters (1869–1950)

    You see what you’ve done, don’t you?... You’ve committed the supreme blasphemy.
    —John Lee Mahin (1902–1984)

    I’m no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and in the jury system—that is no ideal to me, it is a living, working reality. Gentlemen, a court is no better than each man of you sitting before me on this jury. A court is only as sound as its jury, and a jury is only as sound as the men who make it up.
    —Harper Lee (b. 1926)