What is layer?

  • (noun): A relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another.
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Some articles on layer:

... The infill is composed of a bottom layer of silica sand, a middle layer which is a mixture of sand and cryogenic rubber and a top layer of only rubber ...
Layer - Technology - Electronics
... DVD layer, such as in DVD Dual layer recording F region, or Appleton Layer (telecommunications) Layer (electronics), a single thickness of some material covering a surface ...
Session Layer
... In the seven-layer OSI model of computer networking, the session layer is layer 5 ... The session layer provides the mechanism for opening, closing and managing a session between end-user application processes, i.e ... Session-layer services are commonly used in application environments that make use of remote procedure calls (RPCs) ...
Tom Keating - Technique
... knew about the chemistry of cleaning-fluids so, a layer of glycerine under the paint layer ensured that when any of his forged paintings needed to be cleaned (as all ...
Topsoil - Importance
... Plants generally concentrate their roots in and obtain most of their nutrients from this layer ... The actual depth of the topsoil layer can be measured as the depth from the surface to the first densely packed soil layer known as subsoil ...

More definitions of "layer":

  • (noun): A hen that lays eggs.
  • (noun): Thin structure composed of a single thickness of cells.
  • (noun): Single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance.
    Synonyms: bed
  • (noun): An abstract place usually conceived as having depth.
    Synonyms: level, stratum
  • (verb): Make or form a layer.
    Example: "Layer the different colored sands"

Famous quotes containing the word layer:

    A revolution is not the overturning of a cart, a reshuffling in the cards of state. It is a process, a swelling, a new growth in the race. If it is real, not simply a trauma, it is another ring in the tree of history, layer upon layer of invisible tissue composing the evidence of a circle.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)

    This world is run by people who know how to do things. They know how things work. They are equipped. Up there, there’s a layer of people who run everything. But we—we’re just peasants. We don’t understand what’s going on, and we can’t do anything.
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    The writer in me can look as far as an African-American woman and stop. Often that writer looks through the African-American woman. Race is a layer of being, but not a culmination.
    Thylias Moss, African American poet. As quoted in the Wall Street Journal (May 12, 1994)