What is lack?

  • (noun): The state of needing something that is absent or unavailable.
    Example: "There is a serious lack of insight into the problem"
    Synonyms: deficiency, want
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As She Climbed Across The Table - Lack
... Lack is an emptiness created in a particle collider ... to indicate it is a physical object and so it was named Lack ... The Lack is characterized by its inexplicable preferences, as some particles and objects enter the space where lack should be and fail to appear on the other side ...
Guldara District
... Agricultural and livestock productions are low in Guldara District due to lack of agricultural mechanization system, inadequate agricultural water and spread of animal and plant diseases ... Destruction or lack of roads has created transportation problems and has raised food and other required materials prices, similarly, inaccessibility to professional ... and insecurity rate increase due to lack of police, national army and experienced personnel in security departments ...
Efficient Mail Submission And Delivery
... due to the following limitations Lack of congestion control Inadequate security due to lack of encryption (clear text passwords) Lack of character set internationalization Poorly defined gatewaying to ...
... Lack may also refer to Andrew Lack (born 1953), British botanist and biologist David Lack (1910–1973), British ornithologist and biologist Lack Township, Juniata County ...
Election Process In The Philippines - Difficulties With Elections
... from being "free and fair" can occur at several different stages Lack of open political debate or an informed electorate ... may be poorly informed about issues or candidates due to lack of freedom of the press, lack of objectivity in the press due to state control, or lack of access to news and political media ...

More definitions of "lack":

  • (verb): Be without.
    Synonyms: miss

Famous quotes containing the word lack:

    The sage as astronomer.—As long as you still experience the stars as something “above you,” you still lack viewpoint of knowledge.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    There are moments when, faced with our lack of success, I wonder whether we are failures, proud but impotent. One thing reassures me as to our value: the boredom that afflicts us. It is the hall-mark of quality in modern men.
    Edmond De Goncourt (1822–1896)

    What exacerbates the strain in the working class is the absence of money to pay for services they need, economic insecurity, poor daycare, and lack of dignity and boredom in each partner’s job. What exacerbates it in upper-middle class is the instability of paid help and the enormous demands of the career system in which both partners become willing believers. But the tug between traditional and egalitarian models of marriage runs from top to bottom of the class ladder.
    Arlie Hochschild (20th century)