What is James Clark Ross?

  • (noun): British explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic; located the north magnetic pole in 1831; discovered the Ross Sea in Antarctica; nephew of Sir John Ross (1800-1862).
    Synonyms: Ross, Sir James Clark Ross

James Clark Ross

Sir James Clark Ross (15 April 1800 – 3 April 1862) was a British naval officer and explorer remembered today for his exploration of the Arctic with his uncle Sir John Ross and Sir William Parry and, in particular, his own expedition to Antarctica.

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James Clark Ross - Tributes
... The Ross seal, one of the four Antarctic phocids, first described during the expedition of 1839-1843 ... The James Ross Strait, in the Canadian province of Nunavut, is named after him ... Named after James Ross, the Ross Ice Shelf is Antarctica's largest ice shelf ...
Farthest South - Early Antarctic Explorers - James Clark Ross
... James Clark Ross's 1839–43 Antarctic expedition in HMS Erebus and HMS Terror was a full-scale Royal Naval enterprise, the principal function of which ... Ross had considerable past experience in magnetic observation and Arctic exploration in May 1831 he had been a member of a party that had reached the location of the North Magnetic Pole, and he was ... Ross named the land Victoria Land, and the mountains the Admiralty Range ...
You're The One (Petula Clark Song)
... "You're the One" is a song by Petula Clark ... Written by Clark with her regular songwriter and record producer Tony Hatch, "You're the One" was a Top 30 hit in the UK Singles chart for Clark, but was more successful as a Top Ten US single release by The ...
British Antarctic Survey - Equipment - Ships
... research and supply capabilities, the RRS James Clark Ross is primarily an oceanographic research ship, whilst the RRS Ernest Shackleton is primarily a logistics ship used ... James Clark Ross replaced RRS John Biscoe in 1991 and the Ernest Shackleton was the successor to RRS Bransfield in 1999 ... The James Clark Ross often undertakes scientific research on behalf of other organisations in the Arctic, whilst Ernest Shackleton is chartered into commercial survey work ...

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