What is irrigation?

  • (noun): Supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc.
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Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil. It is used to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes, and revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of inadequate rainfall. Additionally, irrigation also has a few other uses in crop production, which include protecting plants against frost, suppressing weed growing in grain fields and helping in preventing soil consolidation. In contrast, agriculture that relies only on direct rainfall is referred to as rain-fed or dryland farming. Irrigation systems are also used for dust suppression, disposal of sewage, and in mining. Irrigation is often studied together with drainage, which is the natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area.

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Some articles on irrigation:

Lee's Ferry And Lonely Dell Ranch - Irrigation
... the consortium that owned the ranch created two holding ponds for irrigation water against the west wall of Paria canyon ...
Savage Rapids Dam
39-foot-high (12 m), 500-foot-long (150 m) irrigation diversion dam spanning the mainstem of the Rogue River in Josephine County, Oregon ... of 2009, the Savage Rapids Dam almost entirely functioned for irrigation purposes, and it did not provide any flood control, hydro-electric power, inland waterway, or other significant beneficial uses ... did not meet current legal or practical standards, the "Grants Pass Irrigation District" (the GPID) had agreed to allow this dam to be demolished and replaced by pumps ...
List Of Countries By Irrigated Land Area
5 Iran See also Irrigation in Iran 76,500 6 ... Mexico See also Irrigation in Mexico 63,200 7 ... Turkey 52,150 8 ... Thailand 49,860 2003 9 ...
Surface Irrigation - Basin Irrigation
... Level basin irrigation has historically been used in small areas having level surfaces that are surrounded by earth banks ... Basin irrigation is favoured in soils with relatively low infiltration rates (Walker and Skogerboe 1987) ... Basin irrigation is commonly used in the production of crops such as rice and wheat ...
Irrigation By Country
... List of countries by irrigated land area Water resources management and irrigation by country Africa Egypt Mali Sudan Asia Afghanistan China Iran Iraq India Israel Kazakhstan Pakistan Russia Saudi ...

More definitions of "irrigation":

  • (noun): (medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution.