What is invariant?


Invariant and invariance may have several meanings, among which are:

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Link Concordance - Concordance Invariants
... A function of a link that is invariant under concordance is called a concordance invariants ... of a link is one of the most elementary concordance invariants ... The signature of a knot is also a concordance invariant ...
Invariant - Other Uses
... Invariant (music) Writer invariant, property of a text which is similar in all texts of a given author, and different in texts of different authors ...
Casson Invariant
... In 3-dimensional topology, a part of the mathematical field of geometric topology, the Casson invariant is an integer-valued invariant of oriented integral homology 3-spheres ... (1992) found an extension to rational homology 3-spheres, called the Casson-Walker invariant, and Christine Lescop (1995) extended the invariant to all closed oriented 3-manifolds ...
Stallings Theorem About Ends Of Groups - Ends of Groups - Cuts and Almost Invariant Sets
... A subset A ⊆ G is called almost invariant if for every g∈G the symmetric difference between A and Ag is finite ... a cut if and only if the sets A and A∗ are almost invariant (equivalently, if and only if the set A is almost invariant) ...
Lagrange Invariant
... In optics the Lagrange invariant is a measure of the light propagating through an optical system ... For a given optical system, the Lagrange invariant is a constant throughout all space, that is, it is invariant upon refraction and transfer ... The optical invariant is a generalization of the Lagrange invariant which is formed using the ray heights and angles of any two rays ...

More definitions of "invariant":

  • (adj): Unaffected by a designated operation or transformation.