What is invalidate?

  • (verb): Show to be invalid.
    Synonyms: nullify
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X86 Instructions - X86 Integer Instructions - Added in Specific Processors - Added With 80486
... atomic CoMPare and eXCHanGe See Compare-and-swap INVD Invalidate Internal Caches INVLPG Invalidate TLB Entry WBINVD Write Back and Invalidate Cache XADD eXchange and ADD ...
Facial Challenge - Facial Versus As-Applied Challenges
... in court is that a facial challenge to a statute seeks to invalidate it in its entirety because every application is unconstitutional, whereas an as-applied challenge seeks to invalidate a particular ... facial challenges have the potential to invalidate a statute in its entirety, they are said to be disfavored ...
Types of Tax Shelters - Judicial Doctrines To Combat Tax Shelters
... The judicial doctrines have a basic theme to invalidate a transaction that would achieve a result contradictory to the intent or basic structure of the tax code ... The following are the judicial doctrines Courts will invalidate a transaction for tax purposes under this doctrine when it appears that the taxpayer was ... Under this doctrine, courts will invalidate the tax transaction if the transaction lacks economic substance independent of the tax considerations ...
MESI Protocol - Operation - Memory Barriers
... Consequently, CPUs implement store buffers and invalidate queues ... (so that it is given the cache line in question and so that all other CPUs invalidate that line) and then pushes the write into the store-buffer, to be executed when the cache line finally arrives ... With regard to invalidation, CPUs implement invalidate queues, whereby incoming invalidate requests are instantly acknowledged but not in fact acted ...
National Coalition For Gay And Lesbian Equality V Minister Of Justice - The High Court Judgment
... The applicants asked the High Court to invalidate as unconstitutional the common-law offences of sodomy and commission of an unnatural sexual act, and section 20A of the Sexual Offences Act (t ... invalidate any conviction for any of the three offences for acts committed after 27 April 1994 (the date that the Interim Constitution came into force) if the case was still under appeal or review ... invalidate the inclusion of sodomy as a Schedule 1 offence in the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (which had the effect that people could be arrested without a warrant on ...

More definitions of "invalidate":

  • (verb): Take away the legal force of or render ineffective.
    Synonyms: void, vitiate
  • (verb): Of cheques or tickets.
    Synonyms: cancel

Famous quotes containing the word invalidate:

    If it could be proved today that not one of the miracles of Jesus actually occurred, that proof would not invalidate a single one of his didactic utterances; and conversely, if it could be proved that not only did the miracles actually occur, but that he had wrought a thousand other miracles a thousand times more wonderful, not a jot of weight would be added to his doctrine.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)