What is indirect addressing?

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Other Addressing Modes For Code or Data - Memory Indirect
... Any of the addressing modes mentioned in this article could have an extra bit to indicate indirect addressing, i.e ... Indirect addressing may be used for code or data ... Indirect addressing does carry a performance penalty due to the extra memory access involved ...
Random-access Machine - The "indirect" Operation - Why The Need For An Indirect Operation: Two Major Problems With The Counter-machine Model
... RASP model P'0 equipped with an "index register" (indirect addressing) can compute all the "partial recursive sequential functions" ( the mu recursive functions ) ( p ... Cook and Reckhow (1973) say it most succinctly The indirect instructions are necessary in order for a fixed program to access an unbounded number of registers as the inputs vary." (p ... while at UC Berkeley, 1970) has firmed up the notion of indirect addressing ...
HP 2100 - 2100 Series Architecture
... The most significant bit of any memory-reference instruction indicated indirect addressing The word addressed by the instruction, instead of being the operand, contained the operand address ... most significant bit of that word could be set to indicate an additional level of indirect addressing, and this could be iterated any number of times ... no stack for saving procedure return points, indirect addressing was used to implement procedure call and return The first word of a procedure was reserved for the return address, and the jump to subroutine ...
Obsolete Addressing Modes - Multi-level Memory Indirect
... the address, then the word referenced for memory-indirect addressing could itself have an indirect flag set to indicate another memory indirect cycle ... Care is needed to ensure that a chain of indirect addresses does not refer to itself if it did, one could get an infinite loop while trying to resolve an address ... The IBM 1620, the Data General Nova, and the NAR 2 each have such a multi-level memory indirect, and could enter such an infinite address calculation loop ...
Historical Development of The Register Machine Model - Elgot-Robinson (1964) and The Problem of The RASP Without Indirect Addressing
... the "computed goto" by name but instead provides his model with indirect addressing ... somewhat more complicated (but more flexible) form of indirect addressing ...

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