What is incorporate?

  • (verb): Include or contain; have as a component.
    Synonyms: contain, comprise
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Some articles on incorporates, incorporate:

Toolcase - Functions - Multi-use Tools
... A Multi-tool is a hand tool that incorporates several tools into a single, portable device the Swiss army knife represents one of the earliest examples ... Other tools have a primary purpose but also incorporate other functionality - for example, lineman's pliers incorporate a gripper and cutter, and are often used as a hammer and some hand saws ...
16th Utah Territorial Legislature - Major Legislation - Incorporations of Cities and Counties
... An Act to incorporate Beaver City, in Beaver County An Act changing the County Seat of Kane County An Act to incorporate Fillmore City, in Millard County An Act to incorporate the City of Grantsville ...
Holy Blood (band) - Music
... They incorporate ethnic instruments such as blockflute and bagpipe ... The vocals are high-pitched shrieking but also incorporates folk choirs ... Waves are Dancing embraced more folk oriented direction as majority of the songs incorporate flute and bagpipe ...
America's Best Dance Crew (season 3) - Episodes - Week 6: Battle of The Sexes Challenge
... either 'girl power' or 'guy power', and were challenged to incorporate the spirit of the video in their choreography ... Crew Song Challenge Quest Crew "Forever" by Chris Brown Incorporate smooth moves and gliding in their performance ... Beat Freaks "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry Incorporate the Louisville Slugger within the routine ...
America's Best Dance Crew (season 2) - Episodes - Week 5: Janet Jackson Challenge
... Then each crew was given a Janet Jackson song and had to incorporate some of her moves in their dance, similar to the Michael Jackson challenge of ... Challenge Fanny Pak "All Nite (Don't Stop)" Incorporate sharp poses Supreme Soul "Nasty" Incorporate the slide move Boogie Bots "Control" Work on the point and ... "If" Incorporate hand blade movement into the routine Safe Fanny Pak, Supreme Soul, Boogie Bots, SoReal Cru Bottom 2 Super Cr3w, A.S.I.I.D ...

More definitions of "incorporate":

  • (verb): Make into a whole or make part of a whole.
    Synonyms: integrate
  • (verb): Unite or merge with something already in existence.
    Example: "Incorporate this document with those pertaining to the same case"
  • (verb): Form a corporation.

Famous quotes containing the word incorporate:

    Natural science will in time incorporate into itself the science of man, just as the science of man will incorporate into itself natural science: there will be one science.
    Karl Marx (1818–1883)

    Language makes it possible for a child to incorporate his parents’ verbal prohibitions, to make them part of himself....We don’t speak of a conscience yet in the child who is just acquiring language, but we can see very clearly how language plays an indispensable role in the formation of conscience. In fact, the moral achievement of man, the whole complex of factors that go into the organization of conscience is very largely based upon language.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    Jesus and Shakespeare are fragments of the soul, and by love I conquer and incorporate them in my own conscious domain. His virtue,—is not that mine? His wit,—if it cannot be made mine, it is not wit.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)