What is imaging?

  • (noun): (medicine) obtaining pictures of the interior of the body.
    Synonyms: tomography
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Imaging is the representation or reproduction of an object's outward form; especially a visual representation (i.e., the formation of an image).

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Biological Imaging
... Biological imaging may refer to any imaging technique used in biology ... Typical examples include Bioluminescence imaging, a technique for studying laboratory animals using luminescent protein Calcium imaging, determining the calcium status of a tissue using ...
Brain Imaging Centre (Mc Gill)
... The McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) is a research centre located at the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University in Montreal ... The BIC is dedicated to the research and creation of brain imaging techniques to advance scientific understanding of the human nervous system and ...
Airborne Real-time Cueing Hyperspectral Enhanced Reconnaissance
... Enhanced Reconnaissance, also known by the acronym ARCHER, is an aerial imaging system that produces ground images far more detailed than plain sight or ordinary aerial photography can ... It is the most sophisticated unclassified hyperspectral imaging system available, according to U.S ... ARCHER can automatically scan detailed imaging for a given signature of the object being sought (such as a missing aircraft), for abnormalities in the surrounding area, or for changes from previous ...
MALDI Imaging
... MALDI imaging is the use of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization as a mass spectrometry imaging technique in which the sample, often a thin tissue section, is ...
Imaging - Proper Names
... Imaging for Windows, a software product for scanning paper documents. ...

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