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Phase-contrast Imaging
... Phase-contrast imaging is a method of imaging that has a range of different applications ... In conventional light microscopy, phase contrast can be employed to distinguish between structures of similar transparency, and to examine crystals on ... In X-ray tomography, the same physical principles can be used to increase image contrast by highlighting small details of differing refractive index within structures that are ...
X-ray - History - 20th Century and Beyond
... Phase-contrast x-ray imaging refers to a variety of techniques that use phase information of a coherent x-ray beam to image soft tissues ... There are several technologies being used for x-ray phase-contrast imaging, all utilizing different principles to convert phase variations in the x-rays emerging ... These include propagation-based phase contrast, talbot interferometry, refraction-enhanced imaging, and x-ray interferometry ...
Phase-contrast Imaging - Light Microscopy
... See also Phase contrast microscopy and Quantitative phase contrast microscopy Phase contrast takes advantage of the fact that different structures have different refractive indices, and so bend light and ... The retardation of the light results in some waves being 'out of phase' with others, and so to the human eye a microscope in phase contrast mode effectively darkens or brightens particular ... Phase contrast is used extensively in optical microscopy, in both biological and geological sciences ...
Microscopist - Optical Microscopy - Techniques - Phase Contrast
... In electron microscopy Phase-contrast imaging More sophisticated techniques will show proportional differences in optical density ... Phase contrast is a widely used technique that shows differences in refractive index as difference in contrast ... Contrast is excellent however it is not for use with thick objects ...
Transmission Electron Microscopy - Imaging Methods - Contrast Formation
... Contrast formation in the TEM depends greatly on the mode of operation ... In this mode the contrast formation, when considered classically, is formed directly by occlusion and absorption of electrons in the sample ... analyses require the modelling of the sample to include phase information ...

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