What is humdrum?

  • (adj): Tediously repetitious or lacking in variety.
    Example: "A humdrum existence
    Synonyms: monotonous
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Humdrum is an animated short film directed by Peter Peake. It was released in 1998 and produced by Aardman Animations and received an Oscar nomination for Animated Short Film and a BAFTA nomination in the same category.

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Molly Meldrum - Countdown Years: 1974–87
... a weekly Rock Report from mid-1975 which was renamed "Humdrum" by guest host John Paul Young, and by year's end he had become the face of the series ... "Humdrum" saw Meldrum provide a visual form to his Go-Set gossip column, he would interview celebrities, detail events and new releases for the week ... In an early "Humdrum" segment, Meldrum told viewers to "Go out and buy it" when reviewing an album ...
Mork & Mindy - Happy Days Connection
... make up stories about UFOs because their lives are "humdrum" ... finger except Richie and says he was sent to Earth to find a "humdrum" human to take back to Ork ... in which Mork tells Richie that he enjoys coming to the 1950s because life is simpler and more "humdrum" than in the 1970s ...
Game Central - Content - Second Page (formerly Pages 692/807)
... Nigel Humdrum is a fictitious satirical character who represents the video game buying demographic that purchases due to association, rather than content ... In this vein, Humdrum is often seen to unquestioningly laud a game with high praise simply because of a game's movie tie-in, or celebrity endorsement ... Nigel Humdrum only reviews the blandest of videogames ...

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