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Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible (also Hebrew Scriptures, Jewish Bible (Judaica Bible); Latin: Biblia Hebraica) is a term used by biblical scholars to refer to the Tanakh (Hebrew: תנ"ך‎), a canonical collection of Jewish texts, which is the common textual source of the several canonical editions of the Christian Old Testament. These texts are composed mainly in Biblical Hebrew, with some passages in Biblical Aramaic (in the books of Daniel, Ezra and a few others).

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Appollyon - Judaism - Hebrew Bible
... appears six times in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible abaddon means destruction or "place of destruction", or the realm of the dead, and is associated with Sheol ...
Ashre - Text
... Psalm 145 is composed of 21 verses, each starting with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet arranged alphabetically ... The only Hebrew letter that does not begin a verse of Psalm 145 is nun (נ) ... Verse 7 (ז) It has been noticed that, while the majority of Hebrew Bibles spell the first word of this verse with a long vowel - זֵכֶר (zaykher), many prayerbooks print ...
Scribes - Sofer - Sofer Accuracy
... Further information Dead Sea Scrolls Until 1948, the oldest manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible dated back to 895 A.D ... Every book in the Hebrew Bible was represented in this discovery except Esther ... there are other items found among the Dead Sea Scrolls not currently in the Hebrew Bible, the texts on the whole testify to the accuracy of the scribes copying down through the ages, though many ...

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    Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
    —Bible: Hebrew Proverbs 22:6.