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French Ship Vengeur Du Peuple - Career - French Revolutionary War - Glorious First of June
... On 1 June, the French squadron encountered the British fleet, in an engagement known as the Glorious First of June ... Vengeur was third in the French line of battle, after the flagship Montagne and between Achille and Northumberland ... The British fleet approached the French line in an oblique manner, leading to individual engagements as the British ships attempted to break through at several points ...
Battle Of Ravenna (1512) - Battle - Cavalry Fight
... Pressed from both sides by the fire of the French and Ferrarese artillery, the Holy League's cavalry could not hold their positions indefinitely ... towards the Ferrarese guns on the French left according to Taylor, Carvajal's advance was disorderly and possibly spontaneous ... both having been sent forward by Cardona together, these bodies of cavalry advanced on the French line, Palude moving directly forwards while Pescara attempted a flanking movement ...
Atlantic Campaign Of May 1794 - 29 May
... and Révolutionnaire lost in the dark behind them, both British and French fleets continued westwards towards the convoy rendezvous ... to the east but did not follow, concentrating on the main French line with the hope of provoking a decisive engagement ... Howe ordered his ships to pursue the enemy rear, and the British line was placed on a tack that was intended to cut through the French line and isolate and capture the ships east of the cut ...
Battle Of Tamsui - The Battle of Tamsui, 8 October 1884
... The squadron was deployed in line ahead off the harbour entrance to support the attack, facing north ... The line was headed by Châteaurenault, followed by d’Estaing, Tarn, Triomphante, Duguay-Trouin and La Galissonnière, with Vipère bringing up the rear ... They were confident that the French would win, and expected Tamsui to be in French hands by nightfall ...
Mat (picture Framing) - Functions - Decoration
... on non-cloth coated mats is the French line or line, and the French panel or panel ... A French line or line is a line drawn on the mat, usually in ink or paint and usually drawn to form a complete rectangle or square around the opening in the mat ... A French panel or panel is similar to a French line, with the exception that it is thicker, formed from decorative material ranging from gold leaf to a design in ink or paint ...

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    Too many girls follow the line of least resistance—but a good line is hard to resist.
    Raoul Walsh, U.S. screenwriter. Frisco Doll (Mae West)

    He that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned.
    —14th-century French proverb, first recorded in English in A. Barclay, Gringore’s Castle of Labour (1506)