What is Fox?

  • (verb): Become discolored with, or as if with, mildew spots.
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Fox is a common name for many species of omnivorous mammals belonging to the Canidae family. Foxes are small to medium-sized canids (slightly smaller than a medium-sized domestic dog), characterized by possessing a long narrow snout, and a bushy tail (or brush).

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Fox, Alaska - Economy
... Fox is home to several restaurants popular with Fairbanksans ... the Howling Dog Saloon, was originally situated in Ester, but moved to Fox in the early 1970s ... Ridge College Eielson AFB Ester Farmers Loop Fox Goldstream Harding-Birch Lakes Moose Creek Pleasant Valley Salcha South Van Horn Steele Creek Two Rivers Unincorporated communities Chatanika Chena Hot ...
... KTTV is the Fox owned-and-operated television station in Los Angeles, California ... Owned by the Fox Television Stations subsidiary of News Corporation, KTTV is sister to MyNetworkTV affiliate KCOP-TV and the two stations share studio facilities at the Fox Television Center in West Los ... In the few areas of the western United States where a Fox station is not receivable over-the-air, KTTV is available on satellite via DirecTV ...
2006 Fox Journalists Kidnapping - Efforts To Free The Men - Media Organisations
... In an internal message by Fox News Channel Senior Vice President John Moody confirmed the abduction and warned about reporting on the story ... Fox sent executive Ken LaCorte to the region to press for their release ... Jennifer Griffin, a Fox correspondent who was closely involved in negotiations to free the two, said "We met with warlords ...
2006 Fox Journalists Kidnapping
... Fox News Channel journalists Olaf Wiig (1970–), a New Zealand photojournalist, and Steve Centanni, an American reporter, were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip by the Holy Jihad Brigades, a previously ... the two were freed for $US2 million ransom, although Fox News denies it ...
Little Chute, Wisconsin - History - Native Americans
... The Sauk and Fox tribes, originally in the St Lawrence Valley, migrated first to southeastern Michigan ... The Fox (Renard in French) also called themselves the Meshkwahkihaki and were also known as the Outigamie by the French ... The Sac and Fox were uprooted again by eastern tribes and began to arrive in the Fox River Valley in the late 17th century ...

More definitions of "Fox":

  • (noun): The Algonquian language of the Fox people.
  • (noun): The gray or reddish-brown fur of a fox.
  • (noun): English religious leader who founded the Society of Friends (1624-1691).
    Synonyms: George Fox
  • (noun): Alert carnivorous mammal with pointed muzzle and ears and a bushy tail; most are predators that do not hunt in packs.
  • (noun): English statesman who supported American independence and the French Revolution (1749-1806).
    Synonyms: Charles James Fox
  • (noun): A member of an Algonquian people formerly living west of Lake Michigan along the Fox River.

Famous quotes containing the word fox:

    His berd as any sowe or fox was reed,
    And therto brood, as though it were a spade.
    Upon the cop right of his nose he hade
    A werte, and theron stood a toft of herys
    Reed as the brustles of a sowes erys.
    His nosethirles blake were and wyde.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)

    How much the greatest event it is that ever happened in the world! and how much the best!
    —Charles James Fox (1749–1806)

    Anybody depending on somebody else’s gods is depending on a fox not to eat chickens.
    Zora Neale Hurston (1891–1960)