What is foreign secretary?

Foreign Secretary

The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, commonly referred to as the Foreign Secretary, is a senior member of Her Majesty's Government heading the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and regarded as one of the Great Offices of State. The Secretary of State's remit includes: relations with foreign countries, matters pertaining to the Commonwealth of Nations and the overseas territories in addition to the promotion of British interests abroad. The Foreign Secretary also has responsibility for the Secret Intelligence Service MI6, who are directly accountable to the Foreign Secretary.

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Shilendra Kumar Singh - Career - Career As A Diplomat
... In February 1989, Singh was appointed Foreign Secretary of India ... He held the personal rank of Grade-I Ambassador, the highest in the Indian Foreign Service ... Prior to becoming Foreign Secretary, he was India's longest serving Ambassador to Pakistan from 1985 until 1989 ...
Foreign Secretary - List of Foreign Secretaries - Secretaries of State For Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 1968–present
... Post created through the merger of the Foreign Office and the Commonwealth Office ... Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister Michael Stewart 17 October 19 ... June 1970 Labour Harold Wilson Sir Alec Douglas-Home 20 June 28 ... February 1974 Conservative Edward Heath James Callaghan 5 March 5 ... April 1976 Labour Harold Wilson Anthony Crosland 8 April 19 ... February 1977 (died) Labour James Callaghan David Owen 22 February 4 ... May 1979 Labour The Lord Carrington 5 May 5 ... April 1982 (resigned) Conservative Margaret Thatcher Francis Pym 6 April 11 ... June 1983 Conservative Sir Geoffrey Howe 11 June 24 ... July 1989 Conservative John Major 24 July 26 ... October 1989 Conservative Douglas Hurd 26 October 5 ... July 1995 Conservative John Major Malcolm Rifkind 5 July 2 ... May 1997 Conservative Robin Cook 2 May 8 ... June 2001 Labour Tony Blair Jack Straw 8 June 5 ... May 2006 Labour Margaret Beckett 5 May 28 ... June 2007 Labour David Miliband 28 June 11 ... May 2010 Labour Gordon Brown William Hague 11 May 2010 Incumbent Conservative David Cameron ...
Shamshad Ahmad - Foreign Secretary
... As Pakistan's Foreign Secretary, he managed and executed his country's foreign policy during an extraordinary period of its history that saw the ...
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... Nicholas Blake - Home Secretary - (Robert Glenister) (2006–2009) killed 2010 Rachel Beauchamp - Foreign Secretary - (Jill Baker) (Series 7, Episode 6) Gillian Calderwood - Chancellor of the Exchequer - (Se ... Daniel Wise - Foreign Trade Minister Andrew Lawrence (Tobias Menzies) (2009) - Home Secretary William Towers - Home Secretary (2010-) ...

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    Frankly, I do not know how to effect a permanency in American foreign policy.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)