What is feel?

  • (verb): Undergo an emotional sensation.
    Synonyms: experience
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More definitions of "feel":

  • (verb): Examine by touch.
    Example: "Feel this soft cloth!"
    Synonyms: finger
  • (verb): .
    Example: "Undergo passive experience of:"We felt the effects of inflation"; "her fingers felt their way through the string quartet"; "she felt his contempt of her"
  • (noun): An intuitive awareness.
    Example: "He has a feel for animals" or "it's easy when you get the feel of it"
  • (verb): Seem with respect to a given sensation given.
    Example: "My cold is gone--I feel fine today"; "She felt tired after the long hike"
  • (verb): Be felt or perceived in a certain way.
    Example: "The ground feels shaky"; "The sheets feel soft"
  • (noun): Manual-genital stimulation for sexual pleasure.
    Example: "The girls hated it when he tried to sneak a feel"
  • (verb): Come to believe on the basis of emotion, intuitions, or indefinite grounds.
    Example: "I feel that he doesn't like me"
    Synonyms: find
  • (verb): Find by testing or cautious exploration.
    Example: "He felt his way around the dark room"
  • (verb): Pass one's hands over the sexual organs of.
    Example: "He felt the girl in the movie theater"
  • (verb): Perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles.
    Synonyms: sense
  • (noun): The general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people.
    Example: "The feel of the city excited him"
    Synonyms: spirit, tone, feeling, flavor, flavour, look, smell
  • (verb): Produce a certain impression.
    Example: "It feels nice to be home again"
  • (verb): Have a feeling or perception about oneself in reaction to someone's behavior or attitude.
    Example: "She felt small and insignificant"; "You make me feel naked"; "I made the students feel different about themselves"
  • (verb): Examine (a body part) by palpation.
    Synonyms: palpate
  • (verb): Grope or feel in search of something.
    Example: "He felt for his wallet"

Famous quotes containing the word feel:

    Fear death?—to feel the fog in my throat,
    The mist in my face,
    When the snows begin, and the blasts denote
    I am nearing the place,
    The power of the night, the press of the storm,
    The post of the foe;
    Where he stands, the Arch Fear in a visible form,
    Yet the strong man must go:
    Robert Browning (1812–1889)

    True guilt is guilt at the obligation one owes to oneself to be oneself. False guilt is guilt felt at not being what other people feel one ought to be or assume that one is.
    —R.D. (Ronald David)

    If a man urge me to tell wherefore I loved him, I feel it cannot be expressed but by answering: Because it was he, because it was myself.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)