What is eye?

  • (verb): Look at.
    Synonyms: eyeball
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Eyes are organs that detect light and convert it into electro-chemical impulses in neurons. The simplest photoreceptor cells in conscious vision connect light to movement. In higher organisms the eye is a complex optical system which collects light from the surrounding environment, regulates its intensity through a diaphragm, focuses it through an adjustable assembly of lenses to form an image, converts this image into a set of electrical signals, and transmits these signals to the brain through complex neural pathways that connect the eye via the optic nerve to the visual cortex and other areas of the brain. Eyes with resolving power have come in ten fundamentally different forms, and 96% of animal species possess a complex optical system. Image-resolving eyes are present in molluscs, chordates and arthropods.

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Version (eye)
... A version is an eye movement involving both eyes moving synchronously and symmetrically in the same direction ... / gaze down and left Dextrocycloversion - top of the eye rotates to the right Laevocycloversion - top of the eye rotates to the left ...
Eye - Pigmentation
... The pigment molecules used in the eye are various, but can be used to define the evolutionary distance between different groups, and can also be an aid in determining which are closely ... The eyes of vertebrates usually contain cilliary cells with c-opsins, and (bilaterian) invertebrates have rhabdomeric cells in the eye with r-opsins ... used this pigment in vision, and that remnants survive in the eyes ...
Orbis International - Country Programs
... In addition to the Flying Eye Hospital, ORBIS operates permanent country offices with local partners in several countries ... multi-year projects focusing on the prevention and treatment of the regions’ most prevalent eye diseases ... capacity to provide comprehensive, affordable and sustainable eye care services over the long term ...
... An eyelid is a thin fold of skin that covers and protects the eye ... muscle retracts the eyelid to "open" the eye ... serve to heighten the protection of the eye from dust and foreign debris, as well as from perspiration ...
Bill Haywood - Biography - Early Life
... At age nine, he injured his right eye while whittling a slingshot with a knife, permanently blinding him ... Haywood never had his damaged eye replaced with a glass eye when photographed, he would turn his head to show his left profile ...

More definitions of "eye":

  • (noun): An area that is approximately central within some larger region.
    Example: "They were in the eye of the storm"
    Synonyms: center, centre, middle, heart
  • (noun): A small hole or loop (as in a needle).
    Example: "The thread wouldn't go through the eye"
  • (noun): Good discernment (either with the eyes or as if with the eyes).
    Example: "She has an eye for fresh talent"; "he has an artist's eye"
  • (noun): Attention to what is seen.
    Example: "He tried to catch her eye"

Famous quotes containing the word eye:

    Herein Fortune shows herself more kind
    Than is her custom. It is still her use
    To let the wretched man outlive his wealth,
    To view with hollow eye and wrinkled brow
    An age of poverty; from which lingering penance
    Of such misery doth she cut me off.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    And all my days are trances,
    And all my nightly dreams
    Are where thy dark eye glances,
    And where thy footstep gleams—
    In what ethereal dances,
    By what eternal streams.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849)

    A largess universal, like the sun,
    His liberal eye doth give to everyone,
    Thawing cold fear.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)