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Electrophoretic Deposition - Types of EPD Chemistries For Electrophoretic Painting
... Coatings formulated with this type of crosslinker can have acceptable UV light resistance ... coatings containing aromatic urethane crosslinkers generally do not perform well in terms of UV light resistance ... contains aromatic urea crosslinks, the UV resistance will be considerably worse than if only urethane crosslinks can occur ...
Abiogenesis - Current Models - Origin of Organic Molecules - Ultraviolet and Temperature-assisted Replication Model
... solution are very strong absorbers and extremely rapid dissipaters of ultraviolet light within the 200–300 nm wavelength range, which is that part of the sun's spectrum that could have ... have shown that the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light reaching the Earth's surface in the Archean eon could have been up to 31 orders of magnitude greater than it is today at 260 nm where RNA and DNA absorb ... Absorption and dissipation of UV light by the organic molecules at the Archean ocean surface would have significantly increased the temperature of the surface ...
Thermal Spraying - Safety - UV Light
... Combustion spraying equipment produces an intense flame, which may have a peak temperature more than 3,100°C, and is very bright ... Electric arc spraying produces ultra-violet light, which may damage delicate body tissues ...
... which the ability to repair damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light is deficient ... If left unchecked, damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light can cause mutations in individual cell's DNA ... to DNA in epidermal cells occurs during exposure to UV light ...
Point-of-use Water Treatment - Techniques - Ultraviolet Purification
... Ultraviolet (UV) light induces the formation of covalent linkages on DNA and thereby prevents microbes from reproducing ... Germicidal UV-C light in the short wavelength range of 100–280 nm acts on thymine, one of the four base nucleotides in DNA ... When a germicidal UV photon is absorbed by a thymine molecule that is adjacent to another thymine within the DNA strand, a covalent bond or dimer between the ...

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