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MOMS Study - Signs and Symptoms - Neurological Complications - Executive Function
... Several studies have demonstrated difficulties with executive functions in youth with spina bifida, with greater deficits observed in youth with shunted hydrocephalus ... children, youths with spina bifida do not tend to improve in their executive functioning as they grow older ... Although executive functions are often attributed to the frontal lobes of the brain, individuals with spina bifida have intact frontal lobes therefore, other areas of the brain may be implicated ...
Mind-blindness - Relevance & Causes - Biological Basis of Mind-Blindness
... Since the frontal lobe is associated with executive function, researchers theorize that the frontal lobe plays an important role in ToM and its associated pathology ... It has also been suggested that the executive function and the theory of mind share the same regions ... Despite the fact that ToM and mind-blindness can explain executive function deficits, it is argued that autism is not identified with the failure of the ...
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience - Major Contributors To The Field
... She specializes in the early emergence of executive function ... Adele Diamond, who performs mainly behavioral testing, specializes in the development of executive function ... studies the development and neural bases of executive function, or the conscious control of thought, action, and emotion ...
Executive Dysfunction - Socio-cultural Implications - Education
... In the classroom environment, children with executive dysfunction typically demonstrate skill deficits that can be categorized into two broad domains a) self-regulatory skills and b) goal-oriented skills ... The table below is an adaptation of McDougall’s summary and provides an overview of specific executive function deficits that are commonly observed in a classroom environment ... and classroom functioning in individuals with executive dysfunction ...

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    As a medium of exchange,... worrying regulates intimacy, and it is often an appropriate response to ordinary demands that begin to feel excessive. But from a modernized Freudian view, worrying—as a reflex response to demand—never puts the self or the objects of its interest into question, and that is precisely its function in psychic life. It domesticates self-doubt.
    Adam Phillips, British child psychoanalyst. “Worrying and Its Discontents,” in On Kissing, Tickling, and Being Bored, p. 58, Harvard University Press (1993)

    One point in my public life: I did all I could for the reform of the civil service, for the building up of the South, for a sound currency, etc., etc., but I never forgot my party.... I knew that all good measures would suffer if my Administration was followed by the defeat of my party. Result, a great victory in 1880. Executive and legislature both completely Republican.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)