What is episode?

  • (noun): A brief section of a literary or dramatic work that forms part of a connected series.
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An episode (from Greek ἐπεισόδιον epeisodion, "parenthetic addition") is a part of a dramatic work such as a serial television or radio program. An episode is a part of a sequence of a body of work, akin to a chapter of a book. The term sometimes applies to works based on other forms of mass media as well, as in Star Wars. Episodes of news programs are also known as editions.

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Zuko - Appearance
... In the episode, The Southern Air Temple, Zuko was seen shirtless for the first time during his Agni Kai with Commander Zhao ... In the episode, The Beach, Zuko seems to have lost most of his muscle mass from season one and two, probably due to him not training anymore with returning to the Fire Nation ... However, in the episode, The Ember Island Players, Zuko is seen shirtless with six pack abdominals, probably due to him training the Avatar in firebending ...
22 Short Films About Springfield - Reception
... On March 12, 2002, the episode was released in the United States on a DVD collection titled The Simpsons Film Festival, along with the season eleven episode "Beyond ... The episode is Bill Oakley's personal favorite episode, but it is hated by two prominent figures within the running of the show ... That said, the episode is frequently cited as a popular one amongst the show's fans on the internet ...
I Shot An Arrow Into The Air - Episode Notes
... an industry outsider when he paid Madelon Champion $500 for the idea on which this episode was based, an idea that came up in a social conversation between the two ... Much of this episode was filmed in Death Valley National Park, particularly around Zabriskie Point ... In addition to the usual opening and closing narration, this episode features a rare bit of narration from Serling in the middle of the show—after Corey kills Donlin, Serling narrates Corey's travels ...
Hawaii Five-O - Legacy
... A typical episode, on average, would have at least two-thirds of all footage shot on location, as opposed to a "typical" show of the time which would be shot largely on sound stages and backlots ... episodes made direct references to Five-O, suggesting that it takes place in the same fictional universe ... On the March 19, 2012 episode, Ed Asner reprised his role as "August March", a character he first played in a 1975 episode ...
You're Welcome (Angel)
... "You're Welcome" is the twelfth episode of season five of the television show Angel ... Written and directed by David Fury, it is the 100th episode of the series, and originally broadcast on February 4, 2004 on the WB network ... The episode features the death and final onscreen appearance of Cordelia ...

More definitions of "episode":

  • (noun): Film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie.
    Synonyms: sequence
  • (noun): A happening that is distinctive in a series of related events.

Famous quotes containing the word episode:

    The press is no substitute for institutions. It is like the beam of a searchlight that moves restlessly about, bringing one episode and then another out of darkness into vision. Men cannot do the work of the world by this light alone. They cannot govern society by episodes, incidents, and eruptions. It is only when they work by a steady light of their own, that the press, when it is turned upon them, reveals a situation intelligible enough for a popular decision.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)

    Youth is the period in which a man can be hopeless. The end of every episode is the end of the world. But the power of hoping through everything, the knowledge that the soul survives its adventures, that great inspiration comes to the middle-aged.
    Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936)