What is enlightened?

  • (adj): Having knowledge and spiritual insight.
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Enlightened Absolutism
... Enlightened absolutism (also called by later historians benevolent despotism or enlightened despotism) is a form of absolute monarchy or despotism in which rulers were influenced by the ... Enlightened monarchs embraced the principles of the Enlightenment, especially its emphasis upon rationality, and applied them to their territories ...
Enlightened Absolutism - History
... by Voltaire, the prominent Enlightenment philosopher who felt enlightened monarchy was the only real way for society to advance, and by Mozart's The Magic Flute, whose libretto was written by Emanuel Schikaneder ... Enlightened absolutists held that royal power emerged not from divine right but from a social contract whereby the ruler had a duty to govern wisely ... The difference between an absolutist and an enlightened absolutist is based on a broad analysis of how far they embraced the Age of Enlightenment ...
List Of Grenadier – The Senshi Of Smiles Characters - The Juttensen - Fuuka Shirato
... Shiratō Fūka?) is the Welding Wild Dance Enlightened ... is her former leader, the Mountain Templar, Fuuka uses her Enlightened Evil gun to defend Yajirou from his attack ...
Police State - Enlightened Absolutism
... Under the political model of enlightened absolutism, the ruler is the "highest servant of the state" and exercises absolute power to provide for the general welfare of the population ... As the enlightened, absolute ruler is said to be charged with the public good, and implicitly infallible by right of appointment, even critical, loyal opposition to the ...
Enlightened Moderation
... Enlightened moderation, is a term coined by former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf, which applies to practicing Islam moderately, as opposed to interpreting it in a ... The strategy of enlightened moderation was unveiled by Musharraf during the OIC Summit Conference at Malaysia in 2002 ... His plan for enlightened moderation has two sides ...

More definitions of "enlightened":

  • (noun): People who have been introduced to the mysteries of some field or activity.
    Synonyms: initiate
  • (adj): Having or based on relevant experience.
    Example: "An enlightened electorate"
    Synonyms: educated

Famous quotes containing the word enlightened:

    If the minds of women were enlightened and improved, the domestic circle would be more frequently refreshed by intelligent conversation, a means of edification now deplorably neglected, for want of that cultivation which these intellectual advantages would confer.
    Sarah M. Grimke (1792–1873)

    The sage belongs to the same obsolete repertory as the virtuous maiden and the enlightened monarch.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    He who, in an enlightened and literary society, aspires to be a great poet, must first become a little child. He must take to pieces the whole web of his mind. He must unlearn much of that knowledge which has perhaps constituted hitherto his chief title to superiority. His very talents will be a hindrance to him.
    Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800–1859)