What is endless?

  • (adj): Having no known beginning and presumably no end.
    Example: "Time is endless"
    Synonyms: dateless, sempiternal
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Some articles on endless:

Endless Art
... The latter included the first appearance of "Endless Art", which A House recorded with Edwyn Collins as producer ... on to work with them on I Am the Greatest from which "Endless Art" was re-released as a single, accompanied by a video ... one of the A House's most popular successes should be such an unusual song as "Endless Art" confirms their peculiar status as cult favourites ...
The Endless (comics)
... The Endless (Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium) are a group of beings who embody powerful forces or aspects of the universe in the DC comic book series The Sandman, by ... main protagonist of the series, but all of the Endless play major roles ... The Endless are a somewhat dysfunctional family of seven siblings ...
The Endless Forest - Reception
... Since its first release, The Endless Forest has received much positive feedback from the public ... The Endless Forest has been invited to exhibitions such as Le Cube Festival, Game/Play, Bradford Animation Festival, IETM Autumn Plenary Meeting ... In addition, The Endless Forest has been featured in many magazines, such as GEE magazine, Germany, as well as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ...
The Endless Forest
... The Endless Forest is a multiplayer online game for Windows in which the player is a deer in a peaceful forest without goals or the ability to chat ... The Endless Forest can be run as a screensaver or an application ... The Endless Forest was created by a small team of professionals ...

More definitions of "endless":

  • (adj): Tiresomely long; seemingly without end.
    Example: "Endless debates"; "an endless conversation"
    Synonyms: eternal, interminable
  • (adj): Having the ends united so as to form a continuous whole.
    Example: "An endless chain"
  • (adj): Infinitely great in number.
    Example: "Endless waves"
  • (adj): Occurring so frequently as to seem ceaseless or uninterrupted.
    Synonyms: incessant, perpetual

Famous quotes containing the word endless:

    An endless imbroglio
    Is law and the world,—
    Then first shalt thou know,
    That in the wild turmoil,
    Horsed on the Proteus,
    Thou ridest to power,
    And to endurance.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.
    Peter Ustinov (b. 1921)

    Deeper and deeper into Time’s endless tunnel, does the winged soul, like a night-hawk, wend her wild way; and finds eternities before and behind; and her last limit is her everlasting beginning.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)