What is employment?


Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee.

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Developmental Disability - Services and Support - Employment Support
... Employment support usually consists of two types of support Support to access or participate in integrated employment, in a workplace in the general community ... may include specific programs to increase the skills needed for successful employment (work preparation), one-to-one or small group support for on-the-job training, or one-to ... The provision of specific employment opportunities within segregated business services ...
... Self-employment is working for oneself ... Policymakers increasingly view self-employment in the form of youth entrepreneurship as a possible solution to the youth unemployment crisis ... US's and UK's, for example) are cracking down on disguised employment, often described as the pretense of a contractual intra-business relationship to hide what is otherwise a simple employer-empl ...
Globalization and Employment Relations
... balance of economic efficiency and social equity is the ultimate debate in the field of employment relations ... economic factors that disallow or allow various employment issues ... and summarizes the four major points of concern that affect employment relations International competition, from the newly industrialized countries, will cause unemployment growth and increased wage ...

More definitions of "employment":

  • (noun): The act of giving someone a job.
    Synonyms: engagement
  • (noun): The occupation for which you are paid.
    Example: "He is looking for employment"
    Synonyms: work
  • (noun): The state of being employed or having a job.
    Example: "They are looking for employment"
    Synonyms: employ

Famous quotes containing the word employment:

    As long as learning is connected with earning, as long as certain jobs can only be reached through exams, so long must we take this examination system seriously. If another ladder to employment was contrived, much so-called education would disappear, and no one would be a penny the stupider.
    —E.M. (Edward Morgan)

    What exercise is to the body, employment is to the mind and morals.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    It is the business of the wealthy man
    To give employment to the artisan.
    Hilaire Belloc (1870–1953)