What is elongated?

  • (adj): Having notably more length than width; being long and slender.
    Example: "The old man's gaunt and elongated frame"
    Synonyms: elongate
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Magosternarchus - Species
... The head is elongated and deep, with a concave dorsal profile ... Magnosternarchus raptor This species has an elongated, deep head with a moderately elongated, conical snout ...
... superegg is a solid of revolution obtained by rotating an elongated super-ellipse with exponent greater than 2 around its longest axis ... Unlike an elongated ellipsoid, an elongated superegg can stand upright on a flat surface, or on top of another superegg ...
Elongated Triangular Prismatic Honeycomb
... The elongated triangular prismatic honeycomb is a space-filling tessellation (or honeycomb) in Euclidean 3-space ... It is constructed from an elongated triangular tiling extruded into prisms ...
Sinocalliopteryx - Description
... Sinocalliopteryx had an elongated head with a pointed snout, showing a convex upper profile ... The hand was very elongated though, as long as the ulna and upper arm combined ... The second claw was elongated, as long as the thumb claw ...
Polyandrococos - Description
... is a pendulous, solitary, interfoliar spike, unbranched, with an elongated peduncle and a tubular prophyll ... have three pointed, obovoid petals, which are elongated, valvate, and longer, wider and thicker than the sepals. 60 to 100, irregularly inserted, with cylindrical, elongated, flexible filaments which are bent and twisted, occasionally joined, apiculate, and dorsifixed a third of their length ...

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Famous quotes containing the word elongated:

    Neighboring farmers and visitors at White Sulphur drove out occasionally to watch ‘those funny Scotchmen’ with amused superiority; when one member imported clubs from Scotland, they were held for three weeks by customs officials who could not believe that any game could be played with ‘such elongated blackjacks or implements of murder.’
    —For the State of West Virginia, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)