What is differentiate?

  • (verb): Become different during development.
    Example: "Cells differentiate"
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Some articles on differentiate:

Plant Stem Cell Vs. Callus
... similar to plant stem cell in its ability to differentiate, but the two are different in their origin ... Moreover callus undergoes dedifferentiation as differentiated cells acquire ability to differentiate but genetic variation is inevitable in the process because the cells consist of somatic ... Furthermore, the ability to differentiate and proliferate is different that differences between plant stem cell and callus are prevalent in culture and research ...
Potential Reasons For Corporate Rebranding - Rebranding Due To A Need To Differentiate From Competitors
... Companies differentiate themselves from competitors by incorporating practices from changing their logo to going green ... The need to differentiate is especially prevalent in saturated markets such as the financial services industry ...
Mesenchymal Stem Cell - Characteristics - Differentiation Capacity
... MSCs have been seen to even differentiate into neuron-like cells, but there is lingering doubt whether the MSC-derived neurons are functional ... The degree to which the culture will differentiate varies among individuals and how differentiation is induced, e.g ... The capacity of cells to proliferate and differentiate is known to decrease with the age of the donor, as well as the time in culture ...
Logarithmic Differentiation
... differentiation or differentiation by taking logarithms is a method used to differentiate functions by employing the logarithmic derivative of a function f, The technique is often performed in cases where it is ... transformation will turn it into a sum of separate parts (which is much easier to differentiate) ...
Implicit Function - Implicit Differentiation
... implicit differentiation makes use of the chain rule to differentiate implicitly defined functions ... When we have an equation R(x, y) = 0, we may be able to solve it for y and then differentiate ... However, sometimes it is simpler to differentiate R(x, y) with respect to x and y and then solve for dy/dx ...

More definitions of "differentiate":

  • (verb): Calculate a derivative; take the derivative.
  • (verb): Evolve so as to lead to a new species or develop in a way most suited to the environment.
    Synonyms: speciate, specialize, specialise
  • (verb): Be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense.
    Synonyms: distinguish, mark
  • (verb): Become distinct and acquire a different character.