What is developing?

  • (adj): Relating to societies in which capital needed to industrialize is in short supply.
    Synonyms: underdeveloped
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Developing is a 1994 short film directed by Marya Cohn, about the relationship between a girl and her single mother, who has breast cancer. The film stars Natalie Portman as Nina.

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Australian School Of Pacific Administration - Later Years
... ITI provided management training for professionals from developing countries in the Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean ... School offered courses to people from developing countries ... And, at the end, it provided a base for Australians consulting to the developing world ...
... Developing is a 1994 short film directed by Marya Cohn, about the relationship between a girl and her single mother, who has breast cancer ...
Amirmachmud - Works
... Developing Politics at Home (1981) Developing A Religious Life In A Pancasila World (1981) Developing A Pancasila Social Culture (1983) ...
Markle Foundation - History
... It shifted at that point to developing and using communication and information to enhance lifelong learning and to promote an informed citizenry ... Markle has initiated collaborations to expand access to the Internet in developing countries and worked to ensure public representation in global Internet ... Markle is developing a new Initiative to find opportunities for renewal of the American Dream in a networked world by leveraging technology and advancing public and private leadership and ...

More definitions of "developing":

  • (noun): Processing a photosensitive material in order to make an image visible.
    Synonyms: development
  • (adj): Gradually unfolding or growing (especially as of something latent).
    Example: "His developing social conscience"; "after the long winter they took joy in the developing warmth of spring"
  • (adj): Making or becoming visible through or as if through the action of a chemical agent.
    Example: "He watched as the developing photograph became clearer and sharper"

Famous quotes containing the word developing:

    By contrast with history, evolution is an unconscious process. Another, and perhaps a better way of putting it would be to say that evolution is a natural process, history a human one.... Insofar as we treat man as a part of nature—for instance in a biological survey of evolution—we are precisely not treating him as a historical being. As a historically developing being, he is set over against nature, both as a knower and as a doer.
    Owen Barfield (b. 1898)

    The hearts of Afro-American women are too warm and too large for race hatred. Long suffering has so chastened them that they are developing a special sense of sympathy for all who suffer and fail of justice.
    Fannie Barrier Williams (1855–1944)

    Our children evaluate themselves based on the opinions we have of them. When we use harsh words, biting comments, and a sarcastic tone of voice, we plant the seeds of self-doubt in their developing minds.... Children who receive a steady diet of these types of messages end up feeling powerless, inadequate, and unimportant. They start to believe that they are bad, and that they can never do enough.
    Stephanie Martson (20th century)