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Culture Of Burma - Funerals
... gadaw ga (ကန်တော့ခ) is placed in the mouth of the deceased person, to pay a "ferry toll" for crossing death ... During the actual funeral, gifts in the form of paper fans containing the deceased person's name, as well as Buddhist scriptures relating to the ... days, the windows and doors of the house in which the person died may be left open, in order to let the deceased person's consciousness or "spirit", called ...
Jamatia Hoda - Culture - Funeral
... is lifted by the Santais and seven rounds are made and all offspring of the deceased are made to roll on the ground and the body is taken to the Simalwng (cremation ... dead body from the left side, cross the fire among the descents and sons of the deceased and burnt ... is put, knots are made by all the participants, they take bath and return to the house of the deceased person ...
Death In Singapore - Treatment of The Body After Death - Registration of Death
... When a person dies in a house, the death must be notified to the authorities within 24 hours by the occupier of the house in which to his or her knowledge the death took place, the relatives ... When a person dies in a place which is not a house, or a dead body is found elsewhere than in a house, every relative of the deceased person having knowledge of any ...
Laws Against Holocaust Denial - By Country - Germany - Other Sections
189 Disparagement of the Memory of Deceased Persons (1985, amendments of 1992) Whoever disparages the memory of a deceased person shall be punished with imprisonment ... (2) If the memory of a deceased person has been disparaged, then the relatives indicated in Section 77 subsection (2), are entitled to file a complaint ... presentation by radio, then a complaint is not required if the deceased person lost his life as a victim of the National Socialist or another rule by force and decree and the disparagement is connected therewith ...

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    Miss C_____ is ... remarkably neat in her person and is uncommonly diligent in every part of useful economy.... She hath indeed under her father’s tuition acquired ... a large share of real learning of almost all the living and dead languages. Nor was the leisure which she found for such acquirements produced by neglecting anything necessary or useful for the family, but by the most assiduous industry.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)

    The Papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.
    Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679)