What is crossed?

  • (adj): Placed crosswise.
    Example: "Spoken with a straight face but crossed fingers"; "crossed forks"
    Synonyms: across
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Crossed (comics)
... Crossed is a comic book written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Jacen Burrows for the first ten issues, and published by Avatar Press ... Following volumes Crossed Family Values, Crossed 3D, and Crossed Psychopath were written by David Lapham ... A new series, Crossed Badlands is written by Ennis and drawn by Burrows ...
Strafgesetzbuch Section 86a - Anti-fascism Symbols
... the paragraph should be taken to apply to the display of crossed-out swastikas as a symbol of anti-fascism ... and mail order store "Nix Gut Records" and confiscated merchandise depicting crossed-out swastikas and fists smashing swastikas ... of the Bundestag, Claudia Roth, reported herself to the German police for displaying a crossed-out swastika in multiple demonstrations against Neo-Nazis, and subsequently got ...
Crossed (comics) - Web Comics
... while desperately trying to keep the wandering Crossed at bay ... They learn that the Crossed plague can be transferred from carrion feeders who consumed the flesh of deceased Crossed, as a young boy became one of the Crossed after eating fish that consumed Crossed ...
List Of Ghost Whisperer Characters - Spirits
... Cause Status Notes Pre-deceased Mary Ann Natural Causes Crossed over Melinda's grandmother, seen in several episodes (flashback) Romano Mass-suicide through cyanide-laced punch Lost spirit/Shadow ... expatriate in Spain Web episode Zach Crashes his bike and hits his head on a piece of debris Crossed over Crossed over in season 3 episode 16 Season 1 ... Paul Adams ... Shields Anaphylaxis due to a bee sting Crossed over 7 Hope Paulson Complications from an ectopic pregnancy Crossed over 8 Julian Borgia Robert Hall (G-Man) Alexis' Aunt Ruth Vehicular ...

More definitions of "crossed":

  • (adj): (of a check) for deposit only as indicated by having two lines drawn across it.

Famous quotes containing the word crossed:

    We crossed a deep and wide bay which makes eastward north of Kineo, leaving an island on our left, and keeping to the eastern side of the lake. This way or that led to some Tomhegan or Socatarian stream, up which the Indian had hunted, and whither I longed to go. The last name, however, had a bogus sound, too much like sectarian for me, as if a missionary had tampered with it; but I knew that the Indians were very liberal. I think I should have inclined to the Tomhegan first.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    What I have crossed out I didn’t like. What I haven’t crossed out I’m dissatisfied with.
    Cecil B. De Mille (1881–1959)

    And crossed the dark defile at last, and found
    At Roncevaux upon the darkening plain
    The dead against the dead and on the silent ground
    The silent slain—
    Archibald MacLeish (1892–1982)