What is correctly?

Some articles on correctly:

Motor-vehicle Inspection (Japan) - Testing Process
... A wheel alignment inspection to ensure the vehicle has its wheels in-line and can turn correctly ... ensure that the vehicle's headlights are correctly placed and aligned ... A brake inspection to ensure the brakes work correctly ...
Sensitivity And Specificity
... rate in some fields) measures the proportion of actual positives which are correctly identified as such (e.g ... the percentage of sick people who are correctly identified as having the condition) ... measures the proportion of negatives which are correctly identified as such (e.g ...
Majority Problem (cellular Automaton) - Approximate Solutions
... that, although it does not always solve the majority problem correctly, does so in many cases ... of the possible starting configurations that it correctly classifies ... instances, this achieves about 78% accuracy in correctly determining the majority ...
The Movie Masters
... The concept of the game was for famous celebrities of the past to correctly answer questions that pertained to a scene of a movie ... Correctly answering a question allowed the panelist to see a part of the scene and a chance to identify the title of the movie ... Panelists played for home viewers with the viewer whose panelist guessed correctly winning a grand prize ...
A Question Of Genius - Final Round: A Question of Genius - Series 1
... In the final round, the contestant has 90 seconds to answer 5 questions correctly ... The question difficulty goes up one level each time a question is answered correctly ... If they answer correctly, they move to the next level ...

Famous quotes containing the word correctly:

    The Republican Party does not perceive how many his failure will make to vote more correctly than they would have them. They have counted the votes of Pennsylvania & Co., but they have not correctly counted Captain Brown’s vote. He has taken the wind out of their sails,—the little wind they had,—and they may as well lie to and repair.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The attempt to be an ideal parent, that is, to behave correctly toward the child, to raise her correctly, not to give to little or too much, is in essence an attempt to be the ideal child—well behaved and dutiful—of one’s own parents. But as a result of these efforts the needs of the child go unnoticed. I cannot listen to my child with empathy if I am inwardly preoccupied with being a good mother; I cannot be open to what she is telling me.
    Alice Miller (20th century)

    You are right to demand that an artist engage his work consciously, but you confuse two different things: solving the problem and correctly posing the question.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)