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Central Java

Central Java (Indonesian: Provinsi Jawa Tengah) is a province of Indonesia. The administrative capital is Semarang. It is one of six provinces on the island of Java. This province is the province of high Human Development in Indonesia and its Points Development Index countries is equivalent to Lebanon. The province of Central Java is 39,800.69 km2 in area; approximately a quarter of the total land area of Java. Its population was 30,380,687 at the 2010 Census, making it the third most-populous province in Indonesia after West Java and East Java, and constituting a bit less than one quarter of the crowded island's population.

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Coffee Production In Indonesia - Current Status of The Industry
... Infrastructure was developed in East and Central Java in particular to make the shipping of commodities such as coffee as easy as possible ... Prior to World War II, Central Java in particular had a very strong rail transportation system that brought coffee, sugar, pepper, tea and tobacco out of the province to ... Coffee in Central Java was primarily C ...
Sanjaya Dynasty - The Ruler of Central Java
... This ended the Sailendra presence in Central Java and Balaputra retreated to Srivijaya in Sumatra, where he became the paramount ruler ... construction of the Prambanan temple in Central Java, later completed and expanded extensively by king Balitung ...
Subdistricts Of Central Java
... The province of Central Java in Indonesia is divided into kabupaten or regencies which is turn are divided administratively into districts, known as kecamatan ... The districts of Central Java with the regency it falls into are as follows Adimulyo, Kebumen Adipala, Cilacap Adiwerna, Tegal Ajibarang, Banyumas Alian, Kebumen Ambal, Kebumen Ambarawa, Semarang ...
Central Java - Coat of Arms and Symbols
... The motto of Central Java is Prasetya Ulah Sakti Bhakti Praja ... The coat of arms of Central Java depicts a legendary flask, Kundi Amerta or Cupu Manik, formed in a pentagon representing Pancasila ... On the ribbon the name "Central Java" (Jawa Tengah) is inscribed in black ...

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