What is caliber?

  • (noun): Diameter of a tube or gun barrel.
    Synonyms: bore, gauge, calibre
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In guns including firearms, caliber or calibre is the approximate internal diameter of the barrel, or the diameter of the projectile used in it.

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Some articles on caliber:

Calhoon Cartridges
... Calhoon cartridges are a class of.19 caliber cartridges created by James Calhoon, a firearms designer with an in interest in.19 caliber cartridges ... Calhoon began working with.19 caliber after his interest was piqued from learning about British sub-caliber rifle trials in the early 1970s..19 caliber rifles have thicker rifling than.17 and.20 caliber rifles, which helps the barrel stay clean longer and improves barrel life ...
SVDK - Description
... The Dragunov SVDK large caliber sniper rifle (any rifle caliber above 9 mm is considered a large caliber in Russia) is a somewhat controversial weapon, adopted by Russian army in 2009 ...
Caliber - Pounds As A Measure of Cannon Bore
... From about the middle of the 17th century until the middle of the 19th century, measurement of the bore of large gunpowder weapons was usually expressed as the weight of its iron shot in pounds ... Iron shot was used as the standard reference because iron was the most common material used for artillery ammunition during that period and solid spherical shot the most common form encountered ...
Lithuanian Army Equipment - Artillery
... Howitzers M101 Howitzer 105 mm caliber 54 (as of 2008) 72 items were transferred from Denmark in 2002 (18 of them - for spares only) ... Heavy mortars 2B11 Mortar 120 mm caliber 20 (as of 2008) 20 items were transferred from Bulgaria in 1999 ... M1982 Mortar 120 mm caliber 24 (as of 2008) M38/43 Mortar 120 mm caliber 11 (as of 2008) M/41D Mortar 120 mm caliber 12 (as of 2008) Light mortars M19 Mortar 60 mm caliber LM-60 Mortar 60 mm ...
Lake City Ammunition Plant - Capabilities
... and electric primer pyrotechnics small caliber ammunition (5.56 mm 7.62 mm.50 caliber and 20 mm) performs reliability testing of small caliber ammunition (5.56 mm 7.62 mm 9 mm.22 ...

More definitions of "caliber":

  • (noun): A degree or grade of excellence or worth.
    Example: "An executive of low caliber"
    Synonyms: quality, calibre