What is Bulgaria?

  • (noun): A republic in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.
    Synonyms: Republic of Bulgaria


Bulgaria i/bʌlˈɡɛəriə/ (Bulgarian: България, ), officially the Republic of Bulgaria, is a country located in Southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south and the Black Sea to the east. With a territory of 110,994 square kilometres (42,855 sq mi), Bulgaria is Europe's 14th-largest country. Its location has made it a historical crossroad for various civilisations and as such it is the home of some of the earliest metalworking, religious and other cultural artifacts in the world.

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Bulgaria - Culture
... was created in Nicopolis ad Istrum in a small Gothic community in present-day northern Bulgaria ... Bulgaria's written musical composition can be traced back to the early Middle Ages and the works of Yoan Kukuzel (c ... Film industry remains weak in 2010, Bulgaria produced three feature films and two documentaries with public funding ...
Vladimir Damgov - Work - Patents
... Capacitances and Negative Inductances (Patents of Republic of Bulgaria, No 25959, No 25960, No 25961, No 25971, No 29260 and No 30008) ... Membranes (Patent of Republic of Bulgaria, No 29993) ... the Interplanetary Plasma (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 45821) ...