What is bill?

  • (noun): A long-handled saw with a curved blade.
    Example: "He used a bill to prune branches off of the tree"
    Synonyms: billhook
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United States Five-dollar Bill
... The United States five-dollar bill or fiver ($5) is a denomination of United States currency ... The current $5 bill features U.S ... All $5 bills issued today are Federal Reserve Notes ...
Bill - Others
... Bill the Goat, mascot of the US Naval Academy Bill the Pony, a pony appearing in The Lord of the Rings novel Bill Ferny, the previous owner of the pony mentioned above Bills, a ... Bill, claymation character from Saturday Night Live ...
Omnibus Spending Bill
... An omnibus spending bill is a bill that sets the budget of many departments of the United States government at once ... Every year, Congress must pass bills that appropriate money for all discretionary government spending ... Generally, one bill is passed for each sub-committee of the U.S ...
United States Five-dollar Bill - 21st Century Design - Additional Design Elements
... On the back of the bill, a larger, purple numeral "5" appears in the lower right corner to help those with visual impairments to distinguish the denomination ... Small yellow "05"s are printed to the left of the portrait on the front of the bill and to the right of the Lincoln Memorial vignette on the back ... constellation" to prevent photocopying of the bill ...
United States Five-dollar Bill - 21st Century Design - Other Features
... Microprinting The redesigned $5 bill features microprinting, which is the engraving of tiny text, on the front of the bill in three areas the words “FIVE DOLLARS” can be found repeated inside the left ... On the back of the bill the words “USA FIVE” appear along one edge of the large purple "5" ...

More definitions of "bill":

  • (verb): Advertise especially by posters or placards.
    Example: "He was billed as the greatest tenor since Caruso"
  • (noun): The entertainment offered at a public presentation.
  • (noun): A list of particulars (as a playbill or bill of fare).
  • (noun): A brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes.
    Example: "He pulled down the bill of his cap and trudged ahead"
    Synonyms: peak, eyeshade, visor, vizor
  • (noun): An itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered.
    Example: "He paid his bill and left"
    Synonyms: account, invoice
  • (noun): A statute in draft before it becomes law.
    Example: "They held a public hearing on the bill"
    Synonyms: measure
  • (verb): Publicize or announce by placards.
    Synonyms: placard
  • (verb): Demand payment.
    Synonyms: charge

Famous quotes containing the word bill:

    The measure discriminates definitely against products which make up what has been universally considered a program of safe farming. The bill upholds as ideals of American farming the men who grow cotton, corn, rice, swine, tobacco, or wheat and nothing else. These are to be given special favors at the expense of the farmer who has toiled for years to build up a constructive farming enterprise to include a variety of crops and livestock.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    I need not tell you of the inadequacy of the American shipping marine on the Pacific Coast.... For this reason it seems to me that there is no subject to which Congress can better devote its attention in the coming session than the passage of a bill which shall encourage our merchant marine in such a way as to establish American lines directly between New York and the eastern ports and South American ports, and both our Pacific Coast ports and the Orient and the Philippines.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    One could see that what you are writing was that today’s meeting with President Bill Clinton was going to be a disaster. Now for the first time, I can tell you that you’re a disaster.
    Boris Yeltsin (b.1931)