What is arson?

  • (noun): Malicious burning to destroy property.
    Example: "The British term for arson is fire-raising"
    Synonyms: incendiarism, fire-raising


Arson is the crime of intentionally and maliciously setting fire to buildings, wildland areas, cars or other property with the intent to cause damage. It may be distinguished from other causes such as spontaneous combustion and natural wildfires. Arson often involves fires deliberately set to the property of another or to one's own property as to collect insurance compensation.

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Some articles on arson:

Arson - Legal Definitions - Scotland
... Scotland has no offence known as arson ... Events constituting arson in English Law might be dealt with as one or more of a variety of offences such as Wilful Fire-Raising, Culpable and Reckless Conduct ...
Southend High School For Girls - Arson
... The school was again attacked in December 2005 causing several thousand pounds worth of damage to the school kitchen and a number of classrooms at the front of the school ... Despite the then headteacher David Mansfield's strong rhetoric, the damage was so extensive that the Christmas holiday break was extended for students of years 7 and 8 ...
List Of Man-made Disasters - Sociological Hazards - Crime - Arson
... Arson is the criminal intent of setting a fire with intent to cause damage ... The definition of arson was originally limited to setting fire to buildings, but was later expanded to include other objects, such as bridges, vehicles, and private property ... Arson is the greatest recorded cause of fire ...
Moorside High School - History - Arson
... The school suffered an arson attack in July 2002, in which thirty pupils needed hospital treatment ...
Bjarki Gunnlaugsson - Club Career
... of the club, when the team manager, Ólafur Þórðarson, left the club because of a horrible start in the division ... club from relegation, but the chairman of the club hired manager Guðjón Þórðarson to control the club ... left FH amicably when Guðjón Þórðarson had been fired from ÍA, and again took the reins of their old club as player-managers ...