What is armament?

  • (noun): The act of equiping with weapons in preparation for war.
    Synonyms: arming, equipping
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Some articles on armament:

Tennessee Class Cruiser - Post-WWI Role and Potential Rearmament
... First, restoring full armament to ships of their then-current age was not justifiable ... Second, since they would serve in peacetime, their current armament would suffice ...
Stalingrad Class Battlecruiser - Design - Armament
... The 130-mm 58-caliber guns were also a new design ... They were to be fitted in a new twin-gun BL-109A dual-purpose mount ...
Casemate De Rountzenheim Nord - Armament
... In the shooting room, are two twinnings of machine-guns of 7,5 mm, one of them can be replaced in the event of need by an anti-tank gun of 37 mm ... A mortar of 50 mm can be adapted on the cloche GFM. ...
Military History Of Cyprus - Military Equipment Inventory
... Land Component Main Battle Tanks With 125mm Armament T-80U 82 Active With 105mm Armament AMX-30B2 52 Active With 105mm Armament AMX-30 50 Spare Armoured ...
List Of Current Ships Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran Navy - Patrol: Inshore - PBF
... Diesels, diesel-direct drive 4 shafts, 3-bladed propellers Max Speed 40 kn Crew 17 Armament x1 BM-21 MLRS (11NM surface), x2 (1 twin) ZU-23 23 mm gun (2NM AA/surface) Iranian built, developed ...

More definitions of "armament":

  • (noun): Weaponry used by military or naval force.