What is archetype?

  • (noun): An original model on which something is patterned.
    Synonyms: original, pilot


An archetype ( /ˈɑrkɪtaɪp/) is a universally understood symbol, term, statement, or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated. Archetypes are often used in myths and storytelling across different cultures.

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Some articles on archetype:

Bad Boy (archetype)
... The bad boy is a cultural archetype, similar to the historic terms rake or cad a male who behaves badly, especially towards women ... The publication observed a correlation between the bad boy archetype and psychopathy ...
Archetype - In Literature and Art
... Archetypes can be found in nearly all forms of literature, with their motifs being predominantly rooted in folklore ... Their book, A Vision, contains a mapping and list of 28 archetypes by these characters' will and fate ... Tarot cards depict a system of archetypes used for divination of a persons' fate or story ...
Connie Zweig - Complexes
... Jung saw an archetype as always being the central organizing structure of a complex ... instance, in a "negative mother complex," the archetype of the "negative mother" would be seen to be central to the identity of that complex ... If the "I" is a complex, what might be the archetype that structures it? Jung, and many Jungians, might say "the hero," one who separates from the community to ultimately carry the community further ...
Archetype (information Science)
... In the field of informatics, an archetype is a formal re-usable model of a domain concept ... Traditionally, the term archetype is used in psychology to mean an idealized model of a person, personality or behaviour (see Archetype) ... An archetype is defined by the OpenEHR Foundation (for health informatics) as follows An archetype is a computable expression of a domain content model ...
Apollo Archetype
... The Apollo archetype personifies the aspect of the personality that wants clear definitions, is drawn to master a skill, values order and harmony, and prefers to look at the surface, as ... The Apollo archetype favors thinking over feeling, distance over closeness, objective assessment over subjective intuition ...

Famous quotes containing the word archetype:

    The archetype of all humans, their ideal image, is the computer, once it has liberated itself from its creator, man. The computer is the essence of the human being. In the computer, man reaches his completion.
    Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921–1990)

    Just as the archetype of the supermom—the woman who can do it all—minimizes the real needs of women, so too the archetype of the “superkid” minimizes the real needs of children. It makes it all right to treat a young child as if he or she were older.
    Arlie Hochschild (20th century)