What is analytic?

  • (adj): Using or subjected to a methodology using algebra and calculus.
    Example: "Analytic statics"
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Generally speaking, analytic (from Greek ἀναλυτικός - analytikos) refers to the "having the ability to analyze" or "division into elements or principles."

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Some articles on analytic:

Mercyhurst College and Analytic Confidence
... College students use the Peterson Table of Analytic Confidence Assessment to determine the level of analytic confidence in their estimative statements ... The table outlines certain areas in the intelligence cycle important to determining analytic confidence ...
Definition of Analytic Torsion
... the zeta function ζi is defined to be for s large, and this is extended to all complex s by analytic continuation ... The analytic torsion T(M,E) is defined to be ...
Analytic Polyhedron
... In mathematics, especially several complex variables, an analytic polyhedron is a subset of of the form where is a bounded connected open subset of and are holomorphic on D ... Every analytic polyhedron is a domain of holomorphy (thus, pseudo-convex.) An analytic polyhedron is a Weil domain ...
Analytic Confidence
... Analytic confidence is a rating employed by intelligence analysts to convey doubt to decision makers about a statement of estimative probability ... The need for analytic confidence ratings arise from analysts' imperfect knowledge of a conceptual model ... An analytic confidence rating pairs with a statement using a word of estimative probability to form a complete analytic statement ...
Analytic - Other Areas
... use of analytical reasoning to study legal theory Analytic journalism Analytic cubism, one of two major branches of the cubism artistic movement Analytical skills Analytical-Literal Translation, a very ...

More definitions of "analytic":

  • (adj): Expressing a grammatical category by using two or more words rather than inflection.
    Synonyms: uninflected
  • (adj): Of a proposition that is necessarily true independent of fact or experience.
    Example: "'all spinsters are unmarried' is an analytic proposition"
    Synonyms: analytical
  • (adj): Using or skilled in using analysis (i.e., separating a whole--intellectual or substantial--into its elemental parts or basic principles).
    Example: "An analytic experiment"; "an analytic approach"; "a keenly analytic man"
    Synonyms: analytical

Famous quotes containing the word analytic:

    “You, that have not lived in thought but deed,
    Can have the purity of a natural force,
    But I, whose virtues are the definitions
    Of the analytic mind, can neither close
    The eye of the mind nor keep my tongue from speech.”
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)