What is amateur radio?

Amateur Radio

Amateur radio (also called ham radio) is the use of designated radio frequency spectrum for purposes of private recreation, non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communication. The term "amateur" is used to specify persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without direct pecuniary interest, and to differentiate it from commercial broadcasting, public safety (such as police and fire), or professional two-way radio services (such as maritime, aviation, taxis, etc.).

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Some articles on amateur radio:

Liga Panameña De Radioaficionados
... The Liga Panameña de Radioaficionados (LPRA) (n English, Panamanian Amateur Radio League) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Panama ... of the LPRA include a QSL bureau for those amateur radio operators in regular communications with other amateur radio operators in foreign countries, and a network to support amateur radio ... LPRA represents the interests of Panamanian amateur radio operators before Panamanian and international regulatory authorities ...
CQ Amateur Radio - Contest Promotions
... CQ Amateur Radio organizes, adjudicates, and publishes the results of several annual radio competitions, including the CQ World Wide 160-meter Contest, the CQ World Wide WPX Contest, the CQ World Wide RTTY ... All of these contests allow participation by amateur radio operators in any country of the world ... It also is associated with a number of amateur radio awards, of which the best known is Worked All Zones ...
Liga Colombiana De Radioaficionados
... Colombiana de Radioaficionados (LCRA) (in English Colombian Amateur Radio League) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Colombia ... Roberto Jaramillo Ferro, and other radio enthusiasts ... At the time, all radio transmissions were authorized by the Ministry of Posts, who opposed a private amateur radio service ...
Amateur Radio - Modes of Communication - Modes By Activity
... Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) Low Transmitter Power (QRP) Satellite (OSCAR- Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio) ...
Citizen Corps - Affiliated Organizations - ARRL: American Radio Relay League
... The American Radio Relay League is a non-commercial membership association of amateur radio operators organized for the promotion of interest in Amateur Radio communication and experimentation, for the ... Radio Amateurs ... its organized emergency communications capability, ARRL's Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) can be of valuable assistance in providing critical and essential communications during emergencies and disasters ...

Famous quotes containing the words radio and/or amateur:

    Having a thirteen-year-old in the family is like having a general-admission ticket to the movies, radio and TV. You get to understand that the glittering new arts of our civilization are directed to the teen-agers, and by their suffrage they stand or fall.
    Max Lerner (b. 1902)

    The true gardener then brushes over the ground with slow and gentle hand, to liberate a space for breath round some favourite; but he is not thinking about destruction except incidentally. It is only the amateur like myself who becomes obsessed and rejoices with a sadistic pleasure in weeds that are big and bad enough to pull, and at last, almost forgetting the flowers altogether, turns into a Reformer.
    Freya Stark (1893–1993)