What is allegro?

  • (adv): In a quick and lively tempo.
    Example: "Play this section allegro"
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Some articles on allegro:

Symphony In C (Bizet) - Form
... Written for a standard orchestra (without trombones), the work closely follows the classical symphonic form in four movements ... The first and the last movement are in sonata form ...
Symphony No. 7 (Glazunov)
... It is in four movements Allegro moderato Andante Scherzo Allegro giocoso Finale Allegro maestoso ...
Legends (Dvořák) - Structure
... troppo, quasi andantino (in D minor) Molto moderato (in G major) Allegro giusto (in G minor) Molto maestoso (in C major) Allegro giusto (in A♭ major) Allegro con moto ...
List Of Solo Piano Compositions By Franz Schubert - Pieces
... C major 29 Andante 1st part of a sonata E major u 154 Allegro 10 Variations F major 1 ... Sonate E major February 157 ... Allegro ma non troppo Andante MENUETTO, Allegro vivace - Trio Adagio G ... V Impromptu #4 F minor 1827 (p) 935 ... #4 Allegro vivace Klavierstück (Impromptu) E-flat minor May 946 ... #1 Allegro assai - Andante - Andantino Klavierstück. 960 Molto moderato Andante sostenuto SCHERZO, Allegro vivace con delicatezza - Trio Allegro ma non troppo ...
Allegro - People With The Surname
... John Marco Allegro, Dead Sea Scrolls scholar. ...

More definitions of "allegro":

  • (adj): (of tempo) fast.
  • (noun): A brisk and lively tempo.
  • (noun): A musical composition or passage performed quickly in a brisk lively manner.