What is Adrian?

  • (noun): Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan; travelled throughout his empire to strengthen its frontiers and encourage learning and architecture; on a visit to Britain in 122 he ordered the construction of Hadrian's Wall (76-138).
    Synonyms: Hadrian, Publius Aelius Hadrianus
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Adrian is a form of the Latin given name Hadrianus (see Hadrian). Several saints and six popes have borne this name, including the only English pope, Adrian IV, and the only Dutch pope, Adrian VI. As an English name, it has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it was not popular until modern times.

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Adrian Randall
... Adrian John Randall (born 10 November 1968 in Amesbury, England) is an English former footballer ... Adrian became York City's most expensive signing when they paid £140,000 to sign the midfielder from Burnley Adrian is currently working for Farnborough F.C alongside ...
Advisor (comics) - Adrenazon
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Adrian Waller
... Adrian Waller (born in West Wickham, Greater London, England, on June 17, 1936), was a magazine journalist and author ... season, given numerous concerts both "live" and on CBC radio, and recorded two LPs, Adrian Waller Sings and A World of Song, both released by Alied ...
Adrian Belew Power Trio
... Adrian Belew Power Trio is a musical group formed by Adrian Belew (guitar and vocals), drummer Eric Slick and his sister, bassist Julie Slick ... siblings, he was very impressed by their musicianship and in May 2006 formed the Adrian Belew Power Trio with the Slicks as his rhythm section ... Adrian has said that the new work will be an extended suite in five distinct but interrelated sections, parts of which were debuted by the trio during 2008's live shows under titles such as "plane ...
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... Adrian is a very tiny hamlet on Canisteo-River Road in Steuben County, New York, United States ...

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  • (noun): English physiologist who conducted research into the function of neurons; 1st Baron of Cambridge (1889-1997).
    Synonyms: Edgar Douglas Adrian, Baron Adrian

Famous quotes containing the word adrian:

    My beautiful, my own
    My only Venice—this is breath! Thy breeze
    Thine Adrian sea-breeze, how it fans my face!
    Thy very winds feel native to my veins,
    And cool them into calmness!
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)