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Pontevedra - Economy
... Galician port, providing for a very intense fishing and sea-trading activity ... and commercial centre, in contrast with Vigo, which attracted the industrial activity ... Industrial activity is reduced to a handful of companies, namely pulp mills (in gradual recession) and construction ...
Nisyros - Geology
... to effusive and extrusive dacitic and rhyolitic activity ... Almost all of its eruptions involved phreatic activity ... The latest eruptive activity was a steam explosion in 1888, after small ash eruptions in 1871 and 1873 and earthquakes are not infrequent ...
Structure - Cytoplasmic Dynein
... heavy chains," 520 kDa in mass, which contain the ATPase activity and are thus responsible for generating movement along the microtubule two 74 kDa intermediate chains ... The force-generating ATPase activity of each dynein heavy chain is located in its large doughnut-shaped "head", which is related to other AAA proteins, while two projections from the ... The alternating activity of the paired heavy chains in the complete cytoplasmic dynein motor enables a single dynein molecule to transport its cargo by "walking" a ...
Warming Up
... A warm-up generally consists of a gradual increase in intensity in physical activity (pulse raiser), a joint mobility exercise, stretching and a sport related activity ... to be used and to activate the energy systems that are required for that particular activity ...

More definitions of "activity":

  • (noun): The state of being active.
    Example: "His sphere of activity"
    Synonyms: action, activeness
  • (noun): The trait of being active; moving or acting rapidly and energetically.
    Example: "The level of activity declines with age"
    Synonyms: activeness
  • (noun): (chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction.
    Example: "Catalytic activity"
  • (noun): A process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings).
    Example: "Volcanic activity"
    Synonyms: natural process, natural action, action
  • (noun): Any specific activity.
    Example: "They avoided all recreational activity"

Famous quotes containing the word activity:

    Criticism is infested with the cant of materialism, which assumes that manual skill and activity is the first merit of all men, and disparages such as say and do not, overlooking the fact, that some men, namely, poets, are natural sayers, sent into the world to the end of expression, and confounds them with those whose province is action, but who quit to imitate the sayers.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Amour is the one human activity of any importance in which laughter and pleasure preponderate, if ever so slightly, over misery and pain.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)

    With two sons born eighteen months apart, I operated mainly on automatic pilot through the ceaseless activity of their early childhood. I remember opening the refrigerator late one night and finding a roll of aluminum foil next to a pair of small red tennies. Certain that I was responsible for the refrigerated shoes, I quickly closed the door and ran upstairs to make sure I had put the babies in their cribs instead of the linen closet.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)