Solar Activity

Solar activity refers to any natural phenomena occurring on or in the Sun, such as:

  • Sunspots and the
    • Solar cycle
  • Solar flares
  • Solar wind
  • Coronal mass ejection
  • Solar variation, the sum of all the periodic and aperiodic solar fluctuations; what is typically referred to when the term "solar activity" is used unqualified
  • Space weather, the collective effect of all of the above on animate and inanimate objects in orbit and on the earth

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The Great Global Warming Swindle - Reception and Criticism - Criticism From Two Scientists Featured in The Programme - Eigil Friis-Christensen
... research was used to support claims about the influence of solar activity on climate, both in the programme and Durkin's subsequent defence of it ... Friis-Christensen, with environmental Research Fellow Nathan Rive, criticised the way the solar data were used We have concerns regarding the use of a graph featured in the documentary titled 'T ... Following Eigil Friis-Christensen's criticism of the 'Temp Solar Activity 400 Years' graph used in the programme (for perfectly matching the lines in the 100 years ...
Predicting Solar Minimum Cycles
... Predicting solar activity is very difficult because solar activity is a non-linear phenomenon and hence cannot be predicted very easily ... Solar minimum is characterized by a period of minimum solar activity with few, if any, sunspots ... for astronauts to do their missions due to an associated decrease in solar radiation ...
Spörer Minimum
... The Spörer Minimum was a 90-year span of low solar activity, from about 1460 until 1550, which was identified and named by John A ... the proportion of carbon-14 in tree rings, which is strongly correlated with solar activity ... Solar activity events and approximate dates Event Start End Oort minimum 1050 ... Oort minimum (see Medieval Warm Period) 1080 ... Medieval maximum (see Medieval Warm Period) 1250 ... Wolf minimum ...
Eigil Friis-Christensen - Solar Activity and Climate Change
... Friis-Christensen's 1991 paper, "Length of the Solar Cycle An Indicator of Solar Activity Closely Associated with Climate", published in Science, presented his ... a number of scientists nevertheless called it remarkable in its close fit between the solar and temperature trends." Subsequent work with updated data has found that the correlation has not ... after 1986, which shows that the present warming period cannot be explained by solar activity alone ...

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    Our civilization has decided ... that determining the guilt or innocence of men is a thing too important to be trusted to trained men.... When it wants a library catalogued, or the solar system discovered, or any trifle of that kind, it uses up its specialists. But when it wishes anything done which is really serious, it collects twelve of the ordinary men standing round. The same thing was done, if I remember right, by the Founder of Christianity.
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