What is acme?

  • (noun): The highest point (of something).
    Synonyms: vertex, peak, apex
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Acme ( /ˈækmiː/; Greek: ακμή, the peak, zenith, prime) denotes the best of something.

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List Of Who Framed Roger Rabbit Characters - Lt. Santino
... He takes Eddie to the Acme factory, where Marvin Acme has been murdered and everyone suspects Roger, and there presented to Judge Doom and explains the ingredients of ... when Eddie discovers that it was Doom who killed Acme ...
List Of Who Framed Roger Rabbit Characters - R.K. Maroon
... He paid Eddie $100 to photograph Jessica and Marvin Acme, which eventually led to Acme's murder ... Maroon later revealed that he was trying to blackmail Acme into selling Toontown to Cloverleaf Industries so that he could sell his studio as well ...
Acme Attractions
... Acme Attractions was a London clothing store on Kings Road, Chelsea, London that in the early 1970s provided a place for many punk and reggae musicians and scensters to hang out ... The "Don" of Acme was shop assistant and manager Don Letts “ Acme was the coolest "club" in town, where the interaction between the different factions became more important than selling merchandise, even though ...
Acme Bread Company - Origin of Acme
... encouragement, to open his own company, Acme ... He and wife Susan launched Acme with approximately $180,000 of seed capital, half funded by Doobie Brothers guitarist Patrick Simmons through a leaseback ... On returning home, he made the starter Acme continues to use in all of its bakeries by collecting unsulfered Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel grapes from a vineyard his father owned, and adding them to a flour and ...
Acme, Pennsylvania - Recreation and Amenities
... Acme Speedway hosts kart racing every Saturday night from mid-April through late September. ...

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