What are veterans?

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Marjean Holden - Personal Life
... of the world of film and television, she has worked with combat veterans, and received an award from the Military Order of the Purple Heart in 1996 for "caring about ...
Walter W. Waters
... the 20,000-strong army of World War I veterans called the Bonus Army on their march to Washington, D.C. ... The veterans were seeking immediate payment of service certificates, essentially additional pay, promised to them by Congress in the World War ... and we're not going to starve." Waters was forced to tell the veterans and their supporters that the Senate had defeated a bill to give the veterans their bonuses immediately ...
Dennis O'Brien (policeman) - Police Career
... of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State, issued a call for IRA veterans to join the Gardaí ... Many pro-Treaty veterans of the Civil War had lost their jobs in the Irish police and military after de Valera won took power ... Many Anti-Treaty veterans who answered his call regarded this as an opportunity to continue fighting their Civil War foes ...
1st Cavalry Division (Polish) - Structure - Formation
1st Lancers Made up of veterans of the Imperial Russian Army, from an all Polish regiment 8th Lancers Made up from veterans of the Austro-Hungarian Army 9th Lancers Made up partly from veterans of the ...
Andorra National Rugby Union Team - Veterans
... Andorra is currently locating veterans – they must be Andorran, over 35 and not playing currently ...

Famous quotes containing the word veterans:

    [Veterans] feel disappointed, not about the 1914-1918 war but about this war. They liked that war, it was a nice war, a real war a regular war, a commenced war and an ended war. It was a war, and veterans like a war to be a war. They do.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)

    To the cry of “follow Mormons and prairie dogs and find good land,” Civil War veterans flocked into Nebraska, joining a vast stampede of unemployed workers, tenant farmers, and European immigrants.
    —For the State of Nebraska, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    My gentleman gives the law where he is; he will outpray saints in chapel, outgeneral veterans in the field, and outshine all courtesy in the hall. He is good company for pirates, and good with academicians; so that it is useless to fortify yourself against him; he has the private entrance to all minds, and I could as easily exclude myself, as him.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)