What are readers?

Some articles on readers:

A Tangled Tale
... the solution to a Knot and discusses readers' answers ... The ribbing of readers answering wrongly — giving their names — was not always well received (see Knot VI below) ... Geometry, as the case might be — for the amusement, and possible edification, of the fair readers of that magazine ...
Adventure (magazine) - The Hoffman Era
... assistant,the novelist Sinclair Lewis created a popular identity card with a serial number for readers ... by the authors to their stories and discussions by the readers ... a number of Camp-Fire Stations - locations where other readers of Adventure could meet up - were established ...
Postcard To Brooke - Readers
... Nobel prize winner, Seamus Heaney comedians Dylan Moran, d Byrne, Tim Key, Richard Herring, Chris Neill, Tony Allen, Angus Lindsay, Tony Green, John Seagrave authors Patrick McCabe, Damian Barr, Victoria Mary Clarke, Karen Ashton, Ciarán Carson Lady Mary Archer Jodie Harsh actors Ryan Sampson, Adrian Barnes, Cecilia Colby, Glen Conroy artists Marc Horowitz, Jessica Voorsanger, Adham Faramawy, Patrick Brill photographer Craig Cowling and Brooke Society chairman Lorna Beckett ... Alongside the notable names are individuals from many walks of life, including firemen, doctors, care workers and the homeless. ...
Lush For Life - Regular Features - Dear Dr. Belvedere
... She answers questions sent in by readers by giving blunt, frank and often demented advice ... Readers often complained of extremely odd sexual problems, such as being in love with cartoon characters, only able to be stimulated with metal only being aroused while high on ... Often calling readers idiots, fat, losers and freaks ...
Thorbjørn Egners Lesebøker
... Egners lesebøker (English Thorbjorn Egner's Readers) were a series of sixteen readers for elementary school written by Norwegian author Thorbjørn Egner ... The books took over the role held for decades by the readers of Nordahl Rolfsen in the Norwegian educational system ... The new scheme largely abandoned the use of basic readers in the curriculum ...

Famous quotes containing the word readers:

    Write to the point: say immediately what you want to say most, even if it doesn’t “come first.” There are three reasons for doing this. First, you will then have said it, even if nothing else gets said. Second, your readers will then have read it, even if they read no more. Third, having said it, you are likely to have to say something more, because you will have to explain and justify what you chose to say.
    Bill Stott (b. 1940)

    Rabelais, for instance, is intolerable; one chapter is better than a volume,—it may be sport to him, but it is death to us. A mere humorist, indeed, is a most unhappy man; and his readers are most unhappy also.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I hate set dissertations,—and above all things in the world, ‘tis one of the silliest things in one of them, to darken your hypothesis by placing a number of tall, opake words, one before another, in a right line, betwixt your own and your readers conception.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)