What are processes?

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Production Line - History
... Early production processes were constrained by the availability of a source of energy, with wind mills and water mills providing power for the crude heavy processes and manpower being used for activities requiring ... by the cotton mills of Richard Arkwright, started the move towards co-locating individual processes ...
Scree - Formation
... deposits results from physical and chemical weathering and erosional processes acting on a rock face ... The predominant processes that degrade a rock slope depend largely on the regional climate (temperature, amount of rainfall, etc.) ... salt deposition Thermal stresses Topographic stresses Biotic processes Scree formation is commonly attributed to the formation of ice within mountain rock slopes ...
Ecohydrology - Key Concepts - Principles
... for functional integration of hydrological and biological processes ... Ecological The integrated processes at river basin scale can be steered in such a way as to enhance the basin’s carrying capacity and its ecosystem services ... regulation of hydrological and ecological processes, based on an integrative system approach, is thus a new tool for Integrated Water Basin Management ...
Thundering Herd Problem
... The thundering herd problem occurs when a large number of processes waiting for an event are awoken when that event occurs, but only one process is able to proceed at a time ... After the processes wake up, they all demand the resource and a decision must be made as to which process can continue ... After the decision is made, the remaining processes are put back to sleep, only to all wake up again to request access to the resource ...
... discipline of computational hydraulics, the numerical simulation of water flows and related processes remains a mainstay of hydroinformatics, which encourages a focus not only on the technology but on its ... the inherently social nature of the problems of water management and of decision making processes, and strives to understand the social processes by which technologies are brought ... concentrated in the hands of the minority, the need to examine these social processes are particularly acute ...

Famous quotes containing the word processes:

    The higher processes are all processes of simplification. The novelist must learn to write, and then he must unlearn it; just as the modern painter learns to draw, and then learns when utterly to disregard his accomplishment, when to subordinate it to a higher and truer effect.
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)

    All the followers of science are fully persuaded that the processes of investigation, if only pushed far enough, will give one certain solution to each question to which they can be applied.... This great law is embodied in the conception of truth and reality. The opinion which is fated to be ultimately agreed to by all who investigate is what we mean by the truth, and the object represented in this opinion is the real.
    Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)

    The vast results obtained by Science are won by no mystical faculties, by no mental processes other than those which are practiced by every one of us, in the humblest and meanest affairs of life. A detective policeman discovers a burglar from the marks made by his shoe, by a mental process identical with that by which Cuvier restored the extinct animals of Montmartre from fragments of their bones.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95)