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Port Charles (fictional City)
... Port Charles, New York is the fictional setting of the ABC Daytime soap operas General Hospital and its spin-offs Port Charles and General Hospital Night Shift ... to General Hospital that ran between 1964 and 1966, was a suburb of Port Charles ...
Simone Ravelle Hardy - Amanda Barrington
... Last appearance July 16, 2004 Introduced by Gloria Monty Spin-off appearances Port Charles Classification Former, regular Profile Occupation Socialite Board of Directors of General Hospital Family ... Introduced in 1984, Amanda is a wealthy Port Charles socialite and close friend of Lila Quartermaine and her husband Edward Quartermaine ... Amanda is delighted, along with the rest of Port Charles, when in 1991, Edward turns up alive and well ...
Children Of General Hospital - Current Characters - Josslyn Jacks
... Present, recurring Profile Residence Jacks Estate 657 Harbor View Road Port Charles, New York Family Family Spencer Parents Jasper Jacks Carly Corinthos Jacks Siblings Michael ... Josslyn and take her permanently away from Port Charles and Carly ... Jerry reveals that he inoculated Josslyn against a poison that he put into the Port Charles water supply ...
Trent Parker - M
... Owner of the newspaper, The Port Charles Sun ... Pete Marquez (Eddie Matos, 2006–07) Professor at Port Charles University ... presumed to have died in a car accident and whose name she used when she first came to Port Charles ...
Children Of General Hospital - Current Characters - Cameron Spencer
... Charles Pratt, Jr ... Profile Residence 458 Lexington Avenue (Queen's Pointe Suburb) Port Charles, New York Family Family Spencer Webber Parents Zander Smith Elizabeth Webber ... October 2010 Cam, Elizabeth and his brothers returned to Port Charles ...

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